UN wants to decide what Kenya should do to protect Kenya

“Insecurity affects all communities and populations alike. Scapegoating refugees is no answer. Refugees are as much at risk from insecurity as the wider Kenyan population,” said Adrian Edwards, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
GENEVA, Mar 29 – The UN refugee agency has criticised Kenya’s decision to order all refugees, most of them Somalis, to report to two overcrowded camps after a deadly attack on a church.
Hugh Fitzgerald

Somali Muslims have taken over whole areas of Kenya, including parts of Mombasa. And they have been attacking Kenyans and, especially, Christian targets. After the latest attack on a church, the Kenyan government decided, for security reasons, to confine the Somalis (“refugees” to some, but what they are fleeing is the misrule and chaos of a Muslim state, and bringing that misrule and chaos with them, and their own Muslim aggressiveness, and desire to impose their ways, into Kenya) to two camps.

This, of course, the U.N. Refugee Agency does not like. It wants to decide what Kenya should do to protect Kenya.

The story here.

Little different from the past week in Tripoli, Libya, or a few dozen other cities in the Muslim-dominated lands. This no longer surprises you. You’ve come to expect it. You’re indifferent to what goes on in the Arab and Muslim lands. You don’t care — you even wish — that they fight among themselves forever. Now you have to think about  what it means to have a large-scale Muslim presence in your midst. That’s the next step.– Here. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

3 thoughts on “UN wants to decide what Kenya should do to protect Kenya”

  1. That diabolical, muzzie-dominated UN would like nothing better than for Christian Africans to surrender meekly to marauding Demons, and then allow themselves to be slaughtered in the name of a Satanic Deity, Allah.
    What is the West doing to help those poor, besieged victims of unspeakable islamic cruelty, huh?. . .Zero, Zip, Zilch–that’s what! After all, what happens to Blacks is of little concern to western nations. They are much too busy destroying Europe, Canada and the US by importing millions of muslim Savages to bother about some Blacks in Africa. . .

  2. Oh, so: that dratted “Insecurity!” strikes again, does it?!

    First it was “The Extremists!”

    Then “The Radicalists!”

    Then “The Militantists!”

    And of course it’s always The System (“a Systemic Problem”)!

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