"Unclear Motives" Or Just Jihad In The Way of Allah?

Sudden Jihad Syndrome Or Just Muslims Being Muslims?

This is not the first time, this year, that a Muslim has attempted to murder a Jew by ambushing him and stabbing him.  It’s just one more in the dismal litany of such attacks that take placde in Israel every year.  And as such it forms part of the global war waged by Muslims upon non-Muslims, everywhere.

Not that the Israeli papers seem to understand that any better, at the moment, than all those who have been reporting on another Muslim frenzy of murderous stabbings,  in the Kunming railway station, in China, at the very opposite end of Asia from Israel.


Here’s Jerusalem Post, to begin with, as the story broke.  Ben Hartman reporting.

‘Assailant stabs, wounds haredi man in Petah Tikva’.

That is: a visibly Jewish man was targeted.  One may note, too, that the haredi do not usually serve in the IDF (though this may be about to change, with a proposed revision of the laws on military service);  and they do not go armed.  The Muslim bully chose a “soft” target, as always.– CM

“A man sprung upon a group of ultra-Orthodox men [on] Sunday and stabbed one walking on Jabotinsky Street in Petah Tikva next [to] the Geha interchange, police said. The assailant then fled the scene on foot.

‘The victim was moderately wounded and evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

At least the would-be murderer failed of his object. – CM

‘Police were combing the area for the suspect, and said the motives behind the attack were so far unclear.


And so to Gil Ronen’s slightly more detailed account in Israel National News.

‘Stabbing in Bnei Brak: Terror Suspected, 8 Arrested’.

‘Eight people have been arrested as suspects in a stabbing that took place in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, Sunday evening.

‘The background for the attack is suspected to be nationalistic.

‘Nationalistic’. No.  “Religious”.  Or “cult-driven”.  Motivated by Islam.  By Muslim Jew-hatred, which is a subset of orthodox Quran-Sira-Hadith-driven Muslim hatred of and desire to domineer over, subjugate and destroy the najis kuffar, the filthy Infidels. – CM

‘A man aged 31 was stabbed on Jabotinsky Street, next to the Dor Alon gas station.

‘Medics and paramedics from Magen David Adom emergency services evacuated the victim to Beilinson Hospital.

‘He was in moderate condition, with stab wounds in the upper body.

Strike at their necks”, the Quran commands. – CM

‘An initial investigation by police determined that an Arab man (and I doubt he was a Christian Arab, or a nonreligious Arab; I’d bet my bottom dollar he was a Muslim – CM) pounced on a group of hareidim near the Geha bridge, stabbing one of them with a sharp object.  The police set up roadblocks throughout the area and arrested eight suspects.”

Now for Times of Israel.

‘Police arrest Palestinian suspected in Petah Tikva stabbing.

“Palestinian”. Please, Times of Israel…and Jerusalem Post…and Israel National News…stop calling the murderers and would-be murderers this. Instead, call a spade a spade. Say, ‘Arab Muslim’.  Say, ‘local Arab Muslim’.  Or just cut right to the chase, to the one thing that explains it all, and say ‘Muslim’. - CM

‘Police arrested a Palestinian man (that is: a local Muslim man; he is sure to be a Muslim – CM) from Nablus [on] Sunday on suspicion that he stabbed a man near Tel Aviv in what police suspect was a terror attack.

He carried out a would-be murderous ghazi raid, aimed at Jews, whom Muslims are taught to hate and have been taught to hate for 1400 years. – CM

‘The victim, a 31 ydear old resident of Bnei Brak, was moderately wounded after his upper body was slashed with a knife by another young man, according to witnesses at the scene. The attack took place under a bridge on a highway at the border of Bnei Brak and Petah Tikva.

‘The assailant fled from the scene after the attack.

He ambushed and tried to murder a man whom he knew would be unarmed and unable to fight back; and then, like the cowardly mohammedan bully and jackal that he is, he ran away. – CM

‘During questioning, the 34 year old suspect in custody told police that the attack was in retaliation for the actions of Israeli security forces, and was arrested, police said

Muslims always tell the Infidels that they are taking revenge for or retaliating for this or that.  They always have an excuse du jour.  But the real, fundamental grievance here is that the dirty Jews, as a nation, have in general been refusing to lie down meekly and allow the Mohammedan mob to stomp all over them as it fondly believes it is entitled to do.  This Mohammedthug didn’t attack Israeli soldiers, or police; he attacked a haredi Jew, an unarmed man.  Likewise, the swarming mob of knife-wielding mohammedthugs in China attacked unarmed travellers. – CM

‘In the aftermath of the attack, police had opened a widespread search for the assailant, detaining and questioning numerous people who fit witness descriptions.

‘The injured man was rushed to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva for emergency medical treatment.

That is what was required for what another of the reports, above, called a “moderate” injury. I think the Israeli meaning of ‘moderate’ might cover something a bit more drastic than what the average naive westerner thinks of when they hear the phrase ‘moderately injured’. 

And now to the Jerusalem Post, still evading the real issue.

‘Police investigating nationalist motive in Petah Tikva knife attack’.

Not ‘nationalism’. Islam.  – CM

“…A man, who appeared to be Arab, sprang upon a group of ultra-Orthodox men [on] Sunday and stabbed one walking on Jabotinsky Street…

‘The assailant then fled the scene on foot.

‘Police were trying to determine whether the attack was motivated by nationalism..

Not by Islam? – CM

‘Police detained eight Palestinians (sic: local Arab Muslims – CM) in the area, and they were investigating whether they were connected to the attack, Israel Radio reported.

‘Police said the witnesses informed them that the stabber did not exchange any words with them during the attack.’

Of course not.  it was an ambush, by a bully and a coward such as the Mohammedan Mob produces in such abundance. – CM

Now, back to Israel National News.

‘Bnei Brak Terrorist Stabber Nabbed’

‘IDF troops, along with Shabak forces, arrested overnight Sunday an Arab terrorist (that is: an Arab Muslim terrorist – CM) from Shechem, who stabbed a Jewish man in Bnei Brak earlier Sunday night.

Full marks to Israel National News for reminding us that the Arab Muslim town of “Nablus” (which is in fact an Arabisation of the Greek phrase Nea Polis, “new town”) sits atop of or very close to the much more ancient Israelite town of Shechem. – CM

‘The 31 year old man was stabbed on Jabotinsky street…Police arrested 8 suspects in the stabbing, rounding up suspects who were in the area.

‘Under interrogation, the suspects led police to the identity of the terrorist, who was rounded up later Sunday night.

‘The terrorist (that is: the Muslim would-be murderer and ghazi raider – CM) admitted carrying out the attack, and was identified by witnesses as being the perpetrator.

‘The terrorist told security officials that he had attacked a group of hareidi pedestrians near the Geha Junction, stabbing one with a blunt instrument.  He did this, he told investigators, “as revenge for what the IDF is doing to Palestinians”…

In other words, he’s furious because the IDF has been quite effectively resisting the ferocious Muslim Jihad against the Jews.  Infidels are not supposed to resist Muslim attack; Infidels are supposed to either convert to Islam, and join the Mob, or else accept the misery of dhimmi status, under the so-called “protection” of Muslims, paying exorbitant jizya in order to be – just sometimes – grudgingly allowed to remain alive.  And one should never, never forget that murderous mohammedan attacks upon Jews occurred periodically from the very beginnings of Islam, during the centuries when there was no Jewish state of Israel at all, and Jews unlucky enough to live in lands overrrun by Muslims eked out an existence as despised, exploited, degraded and perpetually-imperilled dhimmis.  – CM


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  1. I’m waiting for the story where the Muslims attempt to attack Jews, but they don’t succeed because the Jews defended themselves and prevailed. Being an old black belt with four decades of karate behind me, people who don’t defend themselves or don’t know how to defend themselves, irritate the bloody hell out of me! Learn how to defend yourselves and prevail in armed and unarmed combat, people! Don’t be victims! It is entirely possible to learn how to defend yourselves against such attackers. All it takes is training. Even people with average or less than average athletic abilities can train to become invincible. The Muslims are training every day. What are you doing?

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