"Allahu Akbar” just means “Thank God” – right?

As they were sitting in the car waiting for the convoy to move, a unit commander named Naqibullah walked up to the car, yelled “Allahu Akbar” — God is Great —allah is greater- and opened fire on them in the back seat with his AK-47, the freelancer said. He then surrendered to the other police and was arrested…. (he’ll be fine. He is a good Muslim among many just like him. Nothing will happen to him because he murdered an infidel sharmuta.)

Afghan policeman screams “Allahu akbar,” murders AP photographerAfghan policeman screams “Allahu akbar,” murders AP photographer

This was an Afghan policeman — a unit commander named Naqibullah. Ostensibly an exponent of the Karzai regime, America’s ostensible ally. The problem is that there is no reliable way to distinguish “moderates” from Islamic jihadists, and the politically correct U.S. command in Afghanistan makes no attempt to do so, anyway. Such inquiries would be “Islamophobic.”

…“there is no reliable way to distinguish “moderates” from Islamic jihadists”

“AP photographer killed, reporter wounded,” from theAssociated Press, April 4 []  Continue Reading »

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