Bendigo: Muselmaniacs Demand Protection From Cyber Bullying, (or else…)


Mustards want protection from criticism, from law enforcement, from pork, wine and scrutiny. Now this! What is the world coming to?

Natalie O’Brien from the Sydney Moonbat Herald hastens to oblige:

Australian Defence League cyber-bullying has young women terrified

1781945_1416274841949938_1339207258_nYoung Muslim women have been targeted in a cyber-bullying campaign by members of anti-Islamic group Australian Defence League that has left them traumatised and fearful of going out in public.

The online vilification was exposed last week, just days before the Greystanes home of senior ADL group member Nathan Abela was the target of a drive-by shooting.

Muslims have expressed their outrage about what has been happening to the women, but denied the shooting on Thursday night had anything to do with them.

A man identifying himself only as Omar said Muslims were very angry but they were not violent. They believed the ADL was trying to ”start things between us and them”. But he said they would fight back using words and the media. ”No one is talking about taking the law into their own hands,” he said.

Of course they do. They always do.

Tensions have been rising for weeks as the women and children’s schools have been photographed, filmed and posted on the internet accompanied by derogatory and inflammatory comments.

Any criticism of Islam is “inflammatory”.

Photos have been taken of the women without their knowledge while they were travelling on trains to work and going about their business. Complaints have also been made in the past few weeks about ADL members spruiking anti-Islamic messages and handing out pamphlets at suburban shopping centres.

Play the victim so you can take over.


Tory councillor tells meeting: ‘When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it’

…is she inferring that planning department like the Bendigo planning department are incapable of saying “NO”? and as a community we should lay back and enjoy being raped?

Barbara Driver, a former mayor, stunned colleagues by using the phrase to describe how powerless planners are to control a housing development

Looking like she does, she probably would enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “Bendigo: Muselmaniacs Demand Protection From Cyber Bullying, (or else…)”

  1. If these sort of baseless and inflammatory accusations by Muslim activists aren’t enough to make any thinking person sit up and ask a few questions like:
    – “If this is what happens when they are peacefully opposed over a building permit, what will happen when they are opposed over things like the Burqa or Shariah law or child marriages, or Halal foods or Islamic domestic abuse etc. etc. ?”
    – “If this sort of tripe is trotted out (ie. Taqqiya or ‘lying through your teeth to and about infidels is OK as long as it is for the cause’ ) for a building application, surely they will go for much bigger lies when they get a chance to sink their teeth into the legal, social and geographical issues of Bendigo”
    – “If we are willing to be this gullible about these activists and their intentions, and still believe that they are a peaceful minority, then how much more political correctness will we stand for before we wake up and smell the roses?”

    then I don’t know what will.

    If they can be this aggressive with so few, then why can’t we believe they will be 10 times more aggressive when they are many (just read the papers n the UK… open your eyes sheeple).

    For goodness sake people, don’t see your heritage and your city down the river by inviting these rabble-rousers into the midst of you. Don’t give them a rally point, and a platform to demand more and more.

    This has got NOTHING to do with religious freedom – this a is a building application – plenty of Christian churches have had their apps refused for various development reasons even ones as trivial as too much traffic or not enough parking, and it hasn’t stopped Christians from being able to meet and conduct their faith in peace. Nor dies it stop Muslims. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that the refusal of a building application will do anything to restrict the practice and application of their faith.

    It just doesn’t make sense to let them build this. And it will bring elements and dynamics into the equation such that you will wish that you had not bent over backwards to accommodate this small but inordinately loud minority.

  2. Funny they complain about getting photographed in a public place …hey ? As far as I know its not illegal…seeing Media companies do it ALL the time…including the mischievous Paparazzi*

    So what’s the big deal ? I don’t see aussies crying and whinging when they do things like burn our flag or on TV publically say Fuck the Aussies* ? If they Cant handle the Heat…then get the F#%ck outa the kitchen ! I’m SO SICK + TIRED of them OVER ABUSING the *Sympathy Card* !

  3. All muslims see them selves as a citizen of islam and true to Muhammad before any alegiance to a country. Muslims world wide never assimilate (it’s against the Koran) every country they inhibit as their population increases they become more and more violent and demanding on western countries to adapt to their values. Sharia law is always their aim, which is the law of islam taken from the koran. There are now over 30 sharia law courts in the UK. Denmark, Norway, France, Germany hsve areas that are totally hostile to non muslims, some areas are under full sharia law enforced by suvilians without government aproval. In 20 years some of these countries will become Muslim states, hat will become of the infidels, possibly the same as in many other Muslim states, convert or die.

  4. Forever the victims, never the aggressors.

    Tell that to the family of Lee Rigby, the teens that were raped at knife point in w Sydney, to the 240 million people that they have gleefully murdered over the past 1400 years.

  5. With luck, the Moslem-grovelling councillors live in close proximity to the mosque. Then they can enjoy the amplified whining call-to-prayer booming out five times a day.

  6. They have been bidding their time over the last 1400 years waiting for the time when the western world is confused about their own faith and waiting for the right time to corrupt those in society who have lost faith in them selves and all those around them. So now the time has come for them to pounce and infiltrate, and corrupt these people. It is up to us we who understand what they are to make others understand what we know and to make them understand the only way is to stand up and fight back because we can not submit to the hell that is Islam.

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