BREAKING: KS Jewish Center Shooter ID’d: “WHITE NATIONALIST LEADER” Fraiser Glenn Cross, Jr. from Aurora, Missouri

Pamela Geller:

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., from Aurora, Missouri, founded and built the only White people’s party ever in the U.S. – the White Patriot Party – between 1980 to 1986, with a peak membership of around 5000.– Posted by Jim Hoft
glenn millerOn Sunday Glenn Miller shot three people dead outside two Jewish Centers in Overland Park, Kansas.

There was a shooting today outside the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas and then at the Village Shalom in Leawood.

Two of the victims were in a car – one was killed. A grandfather and grandson were killed in the shooting. The shooter was in his 70s.

Tonight the shooter was identified as Fraizier Glenn Miller, or Glenn Miller. He is the former leader of the defunct North Carolina-based White Patriot Party (formerly known as the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan). Convicted of criminal charges related to weapons and violation of an injunction against paramilitary activity, he is a perennial candidate for public office as both a Democrat and Republican.

Glenn Miller tried to run for Congress in 2006 but all the parties he tried to file withrefused to accept his check (In Missouri, the receipt of the filing fee check is required to file).– “WHITE NATIONALIST LEADER” continued  by GWP 


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  1. Albrechtsen ON THE BOLT REPORT ABOUT BOB CARR’S BOOK as posted here yesterday:

    “I think it plays into really sinister stereotypes. Bob Carr, who wants to come across as sophisticated, as thoughtful, I don’t think his analysis here is sophisticated, I don’t think it’s thoughtful. He should have realised that someone, for example, like David Duke, the infamous anti-Semite in America, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, is now prominently featuring Bob Carr’s ­argument on his website. Bob Carr is not responsible for that but he should have known, he should have realised that what he was saying was reckless enough to be picked up by the anti-Semites.”


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