Buddhists Who Resist The Mohammedan Expansion Project Are Portrayed as Terrorists

Muslim led PC brigade wants to de-legitimise Buddhism & Christianity to offer terrorist sympathy
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Buddhists in Sri Lanka got the same problems with Muslims that we see in Thailand and Burma (or anywhere else in the world). In the sick and twisted minds of the PC brigades, they are apparently not allowed to defend themselves.


West-based, politically correct groups that harbour sympathies with Islam are campaigning to de-legitimise Christian and Buddhist groups and the State of Israel by branding them with descriptors such as “terrorist”. The latest victim of this campaign is Bodu Bala Sena, a Sri Lankan Buddhist political organisation that is campaigning against the attempt to impose Islamic law in Sri Lanka. Muslims in Sri Lanka form a tiny minority but are able to wield disproportionate influence with the help of Islamic oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia. Recently, Bodu Bala Sena was branded as a “terrorist” organisation by a West-based group called the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC). The spokesperson for TRAC is a woman called Veryan Khan. [from Chris A-W, facebook]

From The Nation, Sri Lanka (Bodu Bala Sena a terrorist organization?)

She added that the TRAC has, “a core group of editors that monitor activity worldwide according to their own specialty to identify new groups as they arise.  We have a long list of protocols to determine if activities are worthy of creating a group profile. The TRAC does not attempt to designate groups as terrorist, only to report on their activities.”

The TRAC’s page on BBS includes a summary of the group, where it is called a, ‘radical Sinhalese Buddhist national organization based in Colombo…’ The TRAC also mentions allegations that BBS ‘enjoys a close relationship with the government and has seemingly been immune from prosecution.’ When questioned about the basis on which BBS was named a terrorist organization, Khan said, “In assessing the BBS statements, levels of intolerance towards other religions coupled with accusations of BBS members involved in acts of violence against churches, mosques and markets selling Halal food provided sufficient indicators for profiling the BBS.”

Khan did not seem to be aware of other groups that have been taking to violence, especially those that have clashed with BBS. However, she did add that TRAC makes changes to its list of terrorist organizations constantly.

A bunch of terrorists? How many Buddhists have you found beheading people in Central London, blowing up trains in Spain, buildings in New York, create home made bombs in Boston and Sweden? Their recent act of ‘terrorism’ was Bodu Bala Sena monks storming a Colombo abattoir to find illegally butchered animals. The monks claimed that the meat of over 300 animals which had been slaughtered illegally  including water buffaloes were being sent out to shops from the Dematagoda premises as halal certified for Muslim sellers and buyers.