Elite Warriors Are Walking Away From Obama’s Fundamentally Transformed Military


Elite Warriors Are Walking Away From Obama’s Fundamentally Transformed Military

As you could learn from any liberal college professor of the type that indoctrinated our ruling class, the US military is a threat to the rest of the world. The strategy for neutralizing this threat is to destroy its morale. Under Obama, this has been accomplished by putting warriors under the command of bumbling flower children, announcing publicly that the Commander in Chief hasno intention of winning wars, repressing Christianity while promoting sexual deviancy,siding with our nation’s terrorist enemies, cutting military pensions even as government spending on everything else soars, denying benefits to the survivors of the Fort Hood terror attack, et cetera. The approach appears to be working.

The SEALs are the cream of the Navy. Obama eagerly hogged their glory after Osama bin Laden’s demise, at the expense of their safety. Not long afterward, 17 SEALs were killed in Afghanistan under mysterious circumstances. Now we read this:

The SEALs are being driven out, in part, by Navy leaders’ relentless social-issue focus. Not just SEALs either, although the original message, posted to US Naval Institute discussion board by a serving officer, noted that the SEALs have just had their worst retention year ever, with most of the naval special operations element’s junior officers saying no to staying in service. (Officer and enlisted first-term retention tend to show similar trends). Across the Navy’s warfare communities, two-thirds or more of qualified officers are exiting at the six-to-ten-year point, so unhappy with naval service that they leave one third to one half of a pension on the table (military pensions do not vest; there is no benefit for an officer or enlisted service member who leaves before 20 years).

The best and brightest no longer see the point of a military career when the orders are passed down from people who view America as the villain and the point of the Armed Forces is to provide liberals with a combination make-work jobs program/social engineering laboratory.

A senior officer comments,

Every warrior today must question how his or her life is spent by the government. Is it to bring about an “Arab Spring” that elevates Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda for greater oppression of the Middle East? Is it to stand around in a clueless gaggle while our embassy is being overrun and our ambassador killed? Is it to be subjected unarmed to the jihad of an enemy wearing our uniform, allowed to knowingly communicate with muslim terrorists until the day he pulls the trigger on our soldiers while shouting “Allahu Akbar”?

Another offers a ray of hope:

Our military is no longer a fitting place for warriors. The good news is that warriors are not made by the military. Warriors are made by God and the parents and mentors He gave them in their youth. …. When freedom must be defended by warriors, they will come as they have throughout America’s history when tyrants were inside the wire. It will not be DoD that collects them as DoD no longer guards freedom. Warriors will not have DoD policy shoved up their asses as a prerequisite to defending their freedom. Their only prerequisite is the will to be free.

Hopefully he is right. But a functional military would still be nice to have, in light of the increasing belligerence of Russia, China, and Iran.

Obama Commander in Chief
What did you expect under this Commander in Chief?

4 thoughts on “Elite Warriors Are Walking Away From Obama’s Fundamentally Transformed Military”

  1. Time for a Military Coup. The military need to storm the White House,Evict and arrest Obama . Then hold fresh Elections. Corrupt Leaders need to be Purged before they destroy their countries.

  2. Sheik,

    Not sure if you know, but Obama has also cut the military’s combat pay as well. And the Democrats in Congress have the nerve to make demands for a pay raise because they ‘re not getting enough money to match their needs. You would think the free gym and free subsidize barber would be enough, but no.


    and http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/02/obama-cuts-hazard-pay-for-soldiers-on-the-front-line/

  3. Russia is not the aggressor; if anything, Russia is now the leader of what little remains of the free world.

    There is nothing free about the US.

  4. I’ve argued before that Obama is incapable of recognizing historical and present-day conflict. He is under the impression that if you ignore it, it will go away.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. It is conflict that has defined much of our experience in the world, and this is not because of human frailty, but because of human nature.
    In itself, conflict is not evil.
    Neither is fighting.
    Without the enumeration and acceptance of difference, there is no way any conflict can be compromised either.
    So both war and peace and even peace of mind depend on the same thing– acceptance of difference.
    If you are busy trying to convince people that every kind of person is uniform in culture and expectation, that all religions are alike, that all cultures are alike, then you will never be able to comprehend difference.
    Peace depends on the acceptance of conflict and the uncritical acceptance of human nature as diverse. Not uniform.
    The president is deluded.

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