Mock Christians, get laughs, mock Muslims, get bullets

Sam de Brito/Columnist @ Sydney Moonbat Herald,

If killing cartoonists for blasphemy and shooting at people if they  mock  Islam on YouTube is not enough to get Aussies away from the footy, what does it take for them to come out and demand a stop to the Mohammedan invasion?

Comedians are finding out that the soldiers of Islam do not turn the other cheek.:

A young man mocks Christians on stage on national television he gets laughs. Another young man mocks Muslims on YouTube, he gets bullets through his home’s window.

Is this the future of religious debate in Australia?  (Mullah/pbuh)

Mustards show their true colours when local Aussies flaunt their new burqas in Sydney:

Mohammedanism wins again

Royal Australian Navy sailors sacked over ‘inappropriate’ social media posts

The Royal Australian Navy has dismissed several sailors for the inappropriate use of social media.

Nobody would have been dismissed over social media posts that depicted Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism for that matter.

Reports emerged in January that the Navy had launched an internal investigation into the fact some sailors engaged in Operation Sovereign Borders had been posting anti-Islamic comments on social media.

The reports claimed at least 20 of them were members of the Australian Defence League, an anti-Islamic group affiliated with the English Defence League, which has often led violent street marches in the UK.

This is disgusting. This is dhimmitude on steroids.

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  1. What do you expect when the navy appoints a a mooslum as religious guidance officer…AND THEN PUT HIM IN CHARGE OF THE SHIPS MISSILE SYSTEMS!!!…As a grunt we allways thought you navy blokes were a bit queer…But that absolute stupidity…how many have you sacked for making jokes about jesus/budah/jews/biami/blacks??.FUCKWITS!!!

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