More deluded than ever: Tony BLiar, again…

Legacy of Iraq makes us afraid to take on radical Islam, says Blair: Former PM insists world must not be afraid to ‘take sides’

  • He will name Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Pakistan in speech today
  • Claims radical Islam exists in the school systems of close military allies
  • Former Labour PM has insisted the West should have bombed Syria

article-2610746-00B1A04C00000259-330_306x439Tony Blair will admit today that his military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan has made the West less inclined to tackle radical Islam.

The former prime minister will insist that despite the long shadow cast by those wars, Britain and the rest of the world must ‘take sides’ in confronting a ‘deadly’ mixture of religion and politics across the Middle East.

Keep dancing, Tony!

2 thoughts on “More deluded than ever: Tony BLiar, again…”

  1. Syria is behaving much better than some Western allies in the region.
    It his regretful that Assad is against Israel.
    Iran has the chance with one word of true peace to change the all balance in Middle East.
    Tony Blair reminds me the “Mare Nostrum” Proximity EU Policy – which is increasingly fishy. Maybe he aims to become the first Eurabian Union President with a bipartisan sacramental blessing.

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