Obama threatens Burma again, asks Malay imam to "pray for me…"

Obama: Myanmar won’t succeed if Muslims are oppressed

Burma will be overrun and the Buddhists wiped out if they allow Bengali Muslims to invade and to settle in their country.

Obama: Myanmar won't succeed if Muslims are oppressedMembers of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority have been the victims of attacks and widespread abuse

The usual Turk Bull:

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Sunday that the rights of Myanmar’s minority Muslim population were not being fully protected and warned that the Southeast Asian country would not succeed if Muslims there were oppressed.

8b2c3f657a468210520f6a7067002136 Obama tours the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur with the Grand Imam and Abdul Rashid Bin Md Isa.

In Malaysia, National Mosque imam Tan Sri Syaikh Ismail Muhammad has pleaded to the United States (US) President impostor Barack Obama to end oppression against Muslims worldwide.

In response Obama said “pray for me,” Ismail told reporters after Obama’s visit to the Malaysian iconic monuments here today.
“Obama also said that every day when he wakes up he always does his best to put an end to oppression and conflicts affecting communities,” he said.
Obama, who arrived yesterday for a three-day state visit to Malaysia, was accompanied by Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin as minister-in- attendance, and United States Special Envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Rashad Hussain.
After Obama’s visit, Ismail held a brief meeting with Rashad which touched on Islamic banking, Muslim entreprenuers development programmes and halal hub.
Ismail said Rashad had expressed US’s admiration for Malaysia’s Islamic banking system and was keen to learn more about it.  — BERNAMA

 In other news:

Myanmar jails two imams for deadly school blaze

Two imams in Myanmar have been sentenced to eight years in prison for negligence over a fire at a religious school that killed 13 boys, state media said on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Obama threatens Burma again, asks Malay imam to "pray for me…"”

  1. The Muslim POTUS standing by his Muslim brothers, just like he said he would. Obama is aiding and abetting an invasion of a Buddhist country by Bengali Muslims, who are creating a history for themselves by claiming residence and land rights by naming themselves “Rohingya”. Like the “Palestinians”, they have no coinage, no language, no king and no history to prove their claim, but the OIC, allah and the lame stream media will support them in their jihad until the cows come home.

    This has to stop. The truth must be told. Banglatrash needs to be shipped back to where it came from.

  2. The Arakan Human Rights and Development Organization proposes a peaceful, orderly, incentivized population exchange with Bangladesh, Buddhists for Muslims. It would be good to see Bangladesh put under some strong encouragement to agree to that.

  3. You will never ever hear or read this mothers son say this of Christians being oppressed by Muslims in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa “et cetera” “etc” ….You will never hear him say that oppressing Christians would hold these country’s back.
    I for one are glad to see these Christians finally defending themselves from these Muslims, its about time they understood that it is sanctioned that they to do so to preserve their lives…

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