Peanut Khadr welcomes Iranian terrorist & hostage taker to be UN ambassador

Peanut Khadr never met a terrorist he didn’t like:

cardozo1JIMMY CARTER: “It is inappropriate to block a known Iranian terrorist from becoming Ambassador to the UN”

“You know, those were college students at that time, and I think that they have matured. …”

Former President Jimmy Carter yesterday said he is supportive of letting a known member of a terrorist group, Hamid Aboutalebi, into the United States as Iran’s newest ambassador to the United Nations.

Heritage  Aboutalebi was a member of the Muslim student group who held 52 Americans hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran for more than a year beginning in 1979 during Carter’s presidency.

MuBro’s take out general

Egypt police general killed in Cairo bomb blasts


UK: Muslim London-area mayor accuses BBC of “racism” and “Islamophobia” over corruption charges

Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets, dubs the BBC “Islamophobic bullies.” This ought to show the BBC that such charges are merely a deflection tactic, designed to cast the onus away from a person accused of wrongdoing (i.e., an Islamic jihadist, or in this case, a corrupt official) and onto the accuser. The irony here […] Continue Reading »

Austria is Toast

Austria to introduce law that respects Islamic Sharia and invites imams to preach at public institutions


Via, translated from German Unzensuriert by Nicolai Sennels: The Austrian Islam Act (1912) should be amended, on the initiative of Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. The renewal of the oldest Islamic Law in Western Europe is to take precedence over Austrian state law. The “Dialogue with Islam” initiative was started by Kurz during his time […] Continue Reading »


Critics of Geert Wilders demonstrate with jihadi war-banner

[Note from Robert Spencer: I have always maintained, and strongly believe today, that the struggle to defend freedom and human rights from jihad terror and Sharia supremacism is not a racial issue. People of all races hold the Islamic supremacist ideology. The charge of “racism” against counter-jihadists is simply a tool that Leftists and Islamic supremacists use to render people complacent in the face of the advancing jihad, for fear of being called racist. Wilders’ “Moroccan” remarks unfortunately gave fuel to this false charge; however, it seems that his usage was a metonymy, and that he would have no problem with Moroccans who were law-abiding, secular, and genuinely not interested in imposing Sharia. What is striking, as Nicolai Sennels makes clear here, is that while Wilders’ remarks touched off a huge uproar, no one minds that his foes are open anti-Semites and supporters of jihad terror.]

I am surprised that the Wilders critics did not either kick out the jihadis — the new Nazis of Europe — from the demonstration or simply leave the demonstration themselves. It is a scandal how Wilders’ critics do not mind giving a platform to people supporting jihad! Via, translated from DutchDagelijksestandaard by Nicolai Sennels:

The so-called anti-discrimination demonstration in Amsterdam was visited by Jew-hating Muslim extremists. Here are some pictures from the demonstration:


(“Wilders, hand of Israel”)


Some extremists also brought a jihad flag…

At the same time, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said that he found it heartening how the Dutch reacted to Wilders “controversial” comments about “fewer Moroccans.” Strange, as the banners and flags shown at the demonstration were not exactly “heartwarming.” In fact, I felt chills down my spine when I saw them.