Radical headbanger who refused to stand for the judge will sit for 12 months

Hyde Park rioter Mohammed Issai Issaka’s apology fails to reduce sentence for role in Hyde Park riot

257556-9c24bf9e-b929-11e3-8a33-c23c348170ffFather of eight (!) Mohammed Issai Issaka arrives at court in Sydney today to appeal his 12-month jail sentence for his part in the Hyde Park riot of 2012. Source: News Corp Australia (Mark Morri)

  • Apologised for his part in the 2012 Hyde Park riot
  • It began as protest against an anti-Islam film
  • ‘I’ve pondered on what I’ve done and changed my mind’

A BELATED apology from a Hyde Park rioter was not enough to save a father of eight from going to prison for his part in the melee involving 500 people in the heart of the city in 2012.

Mohammed Issai Issaka pleaded not guilty when charged with rioting, assaulting police and resisting arrest claiming he was totally innocent.

The rally began as a protest against the anti-islam film Innocence of Muslims.

But yesterday he took to the stand during his appeal against a 12-month jail term and said he was guilty after all for his actions that day in September 2012.

“I pondered on what I have done and I changed my mind,” he said. “I am very, very sorry and remorseful for what I have done.

“Since that day in the protest, I haven’t attended any protests and I am not thinking of attending any.”

During his original trial before Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge the Afrikan Muslim was forced to apologise when he refused to stand for the magistrate who later found him guilty and sentenced him to jail. (More)


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  1. Yeah, all these bastards are really brave until they spend a few weeks in jail, then they show what sissy boys they really are.

    “I didn’t mean to … waaaaaaaaaaaaaa …”

  2. There is a “word” in Islam?”Taqiyya” and what it means is that you{a Muslim}can say any bulls#it you like to a “Kaffir”{Infidel},and I know this is exactly what is going on here.These people have NO respect for our Law,they have no respect for Australia!ONLY Sharia Law!! And the sooner these most ignorant lefties get some real insight,Australia might just wake-up before we are sent down the road to a Dirty,filthy,corrupt enviroment ,exactly like the S#it holes these people have left.

  3. The only cure for their presence is their absence. Like Cato’s perpetual comment to the Senate that “Carthage must be destroyed”, mine is “Islam must be removed”. And until Islam is removed, social progress of every kind is stilled.

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