Sydney: anti-Islamic group member escapes assassination

Megan Levy from the Sydney Moonbat Herald finds it necessary to tell us that being anti-Islamic is  somehow “extremist”. Murdering people for opposing  a genocidal cult is not:

Anti-Islamic “extremist group member” targeted in shooting

A man who was targeted in a shooting in Sydney’s west on Thursday night is a member of an anti-Islamic “extremist group.”

We can’t  be sure that the shooting is linked to his involvement with the group, but Megan Levy blames him for inciting the violence that group warns against.

Meanwhile, a decapitation in Britain.

Nathan Abela, 24, was not shot but suffered a minor injury to his shoulder when he dived to evade up to eight bullets that were fired at his apartment in Greystanes.

Police said they were called to the apartment block on Cumberland Road at 11.15pm to reports that a number of shots had been fired.

Targeted shooting: Nathan Abela is a member of an anti-Islamic group.Targeted shooting: Nathan Abela is a member of an anti-Islamic group. Photo: Facebook

Witnesses also told police they saw a silver Audi drive away from the premises.

Police have not confirmed reports that someone called Mr Abela’s name before up to six bullets were fired into his apartment.

No-one was seriously injured in the shooting, however Mr Abela was treated by paramedics for a minor injury to his shoulder suffered when he ducked for cover.

Mr Abela is a member of an anti-Islamic group, which says its aim is “standing up against Islam now, not when its (sic) too late”.–The group is active on social media and claims to have members across Australia.

The Australian is a bit more up front:

Leader of Australian Defence League Nathan Abela shot at in targeted attack on Greystanes home

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3 thoughts on “Sydney: anti-Islamic group member escapes assassination”

  1. Of course, why didn’t I realise sooner – it is obvious – the reason there is crime is: The Police. Without the police to arrest people for commiting crimes, there would be no criminals.
    Talking about crime causes criminals, jails make crooks.
    It is all so simple. We just get rid of the justice system completely and there will be no more crime.
    Orwell would be proud.

  2. These Leftest Dhimmi White apologists need to realize one thing , As soon as the majority of Aussies realize the truth about Islam, we will not put up with this crap. If the government and police forces wont protect us and our families,then we will protect ourselves. Attacks like this , especially Violent attacks , only help to educate and inform the country of just how Peaceful the Religion of Peace is. Ray Hadley of 2GB is either a Traitor to his country and his children or a Complete and utter MORON.It doesn’t take too many brains to realize what Islam is up to in every Western country. The media is just so far left, so full of lies and half truths. Why are they working so hard to destroy our country? So many innocent people are going to lose their lives ,Because Politicians and media don’t care about the truth anymore.I was speaking to a Leftist Retard the other day and his thoughts are. White People or Westerners have had it easy for far too long. We have oppressed other cultures and races for hundreds of years, so now its our turn to get the shit kicked out of us. He also informed me he would have no problem converting to Islam. I have never felt like punching someone in the face so badly as this oxygen stealer.

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