"They were talking Asian…”

US lawmakers: Palestinians could lose US aid over statehood move

Won’t happen under Obama. He will always stand with his Muslim brothers, should the wind shift in ‘an ugly direction’, he told us so.  White House expresses ‘disappointment’ by ‘unhelpful, unilateral actions both sides have taken in recent days. (Obummer already blames the Jews: The White House expressed its “disappointment” Wednesday by “unhelpful, unilateral actions both (Israel and Palestinians) have taken in recent days.”)

Hevron Arabs Kick Out Leftist Activists near Peace House

Extreme leftists come to spark clashes with IDF and Jewish residents, receive surprise from Arab residents who ‘want quiet already.’

Roughly 20 extreme-left activists and Arab protesters arrived at Hevron in Judea this week, but their plans to spark a confrontation with Jewish residents of the ‘Peace House‘ and IDF soldiers were upset, as local Arab residents kicked them out of the city.

The activists had arrived with cameras and the flags of the Palestinian Liberation Organization(PLO), hoping to spark clashes with Jews in Peace House, the Hevron building that in early March finally was recognized by the Supreme Court as having been duly purchased by its Jewish owners, after a six-year-long trial and a ten-year-long struggle.

To the activists’ surprise, within half an hour of starting their protest in front of the Peace House, several Arabs living in the area arrived and removed them from the area, claiming the activists were preventing them from leading normal lives in the city.

“They were talking in their own language, Asian.”

  • Court told alleged gang leader danced while woman was raped- A woman has told a jury how she became pregnant after being raped at the age of 15 by an alleged Peterborough sex ring that preyed on vulnerable schoolgirls.The prosecution claims eight young white girls between 13 and 16 were groomed via Facebook before being plied with alcohol and raped.  That should be ‘girl’ as she was only 15 at the time. Day 3 of this trial from the Peterborough Telegraph

Islam, nothing but Islam…

Muselmaniacs will make hay of this till the cows come home:

Gay theatre student who claimed he was beaten by homophobic thugs admits he got his injuries when he fell over (and WON’T face action for wasting police time)


  • Richard Kennedy, 18, was badly injured after leaving Preston nightclub
  • His teeth were dislodged, his face was swollen and he had bad knee injury
  • The student from Blackpool told police he was set upon by homophobes
  • He posted injury pictures on Facebook in post shared by 182,000 people
  • Police launched an appeal into the ‘3.30am attack’ and called for witnesses
  • Then they found CCTV footage showing Kennedy falling over by himself

This is bad news. This little homo bitch is probably  too dumb to understand how much damage he causes to the resistance. Muselmaniacs will make hay out of this till the cows come home. (Daily Mail)


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