Turkish minority rejects 'Imam Law' in Greece

 The people who came up with this law knew what they were doing. Lets hope the Greeks stick with it and don’t let the Mohammedans ride roughshod over them.


Turkish Press/Saturday, April 05, 2014 (Mullah/pbuh)

ATHENS – Leaders of the Turkish community in Greece are condemning a law they say violates the rights of Turkish Muslims in the country.

The law allows Greek authorities to appoint officials in public schools and mosques in Western Thrace.

The Greek government insists on having muftis appointed by the state but some members of the Turkish community, saying it violates their rights, have said they will never accept the system.


If you don’t stop it, that’s what you get:

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In 2007, the Greek Parliament approved the legislation, which specifies that only the Greek government can appoint the clergy and the Quran must be taught in Greek. But the legislation, also known as the “Imam Law,” failed to come into force due to strong resistance by the Turkish population in the region.

Turks who resist must be severely punished and encouraged to leave.

In 2013, the bill was again approved by the Greek Parliament, after it was amended so that the mufti would be evaluated and appointed by a five-member committee with a Muslim majority.

The Greek public schools now give lessons on the religion of Islam and the Quran in Greek to the Turkish minority’s schoolchildren.

I would love to know what is being taught.

Selected Mufti of Komotini Ibrahim Serif told a correspondent for The Anadolu Agency that the “Imam Law” is deeply upsetting the Turkish minority in Western Thrace.

“The Turkish people are extremely uncomfortable on this issue,” he said.

These Turks are not nearly as uncomfortable as those unfortunate enough to live under the Islamic yoke. Why are Turks allowed to reside in Greece when the Mohammedans of Turkey have wiped out the Greeks in what they now call their homeland? And did not Kemal Ataturk determine who preaches in the mosques and what sermons they could preach from?

The President of Chaplains Association of Western Thrace Mosques, Ahmet Saricali, said the “Imam Law” violates the rights of the minority as well as international agreements. Therefore, he said, the Turkish community will never accept it.

The Turks have to obey the law of the land, otherwise they can pack up and leave.

Friendship, Equality and Peace Party leader Mustafa Alicavus also objected to the law. He pointed to the 1923 Lausanne Peace Treaty, which says the Turkish Minority in Greece can manage their own religions and freely establish independent social institutions and school.

Treaties with infidels are worthless, as far as Mohamedans are concerned. Beats me why infidels should uphold what’s written in some obscure treaty when there is no reciprocity whatsoever.