(UK) Islamic Takeover Plot Widens to 25 Schools…

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Probe into ‘Trojan horse’ plot expands

  • Plot against Birmingham schools was uncovered in document last month
  • Muslim extremists allegedly plotted to overthrow moderate school leaders
  • Nicknamed Operation Trojan Horse, document told how to force staff out
  • Probe into alleged hardline Muslim plot now been expanded to 25 schools
  • Birmingham City Council appoints special adviser to probe allegations
  • Children in schools in Manchester and Bradford may be at risk of similar plot
  • Ofsted inspectors are told to fail any school that appears to be involved

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5 New Victories for Muslim Enemies of Free Speech (PJ Media)

“Both in the Islamic world and in the West, Islamic supremacist groups are determined to stamp out every critical word about Islam and jihad terror, so as to clear away all obstacles to the advancing jihad.”

Britain’s Jihadists Within (FrontPage Magazine)

Britain’s initial support for the forces fighting Assad now looks disastrously foolish in retrospect.

Taqiyya about Taqiyya (Raymond Ibrahim)

Arafartbastard used to say: I would kill for my religion, why would I not lie for it?

If killing unbelievers is of small matter to Muslims (in the words of Muhammad) then lying to advance the cause of Islam shouldn’t be of much concern either.


Report: Political correctness condemns thousands to torture

Under pressure from political correctness, authorities have allowed Muslim pedophile gangs in the United Kingdom to groom underage girls for sexual abuse for decades, victimizing as many as 10,000 schoolgirls, according to a report by an organization calling for an investigation.

“What we believe is required is a full-scale public inquiry,” the Law and Freedom Foundation said in the conclusion of its 300-plus page report, “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery.”

The group said the public inquiry “must look into the failures of national agencies, child-care charities, and academics to study this problem.”

“The inquiry must look into what police forces knew and when they knew these things. Is it true that Lancashire police knew about grooming gang activities in the 1970s? How much information did they have, and how credible was it? Why has the problem of the grooming of Sikh girls by these gangs been kept off the national agenda from 1988 to 2013? Did Islamic fundamentalist organizations encourage Muslim men to go out and deceive and groom non-Muslim women?”

The foundation said its report examines the grooming gangs activities, the connection to Islam and the scale of the problem.

The report says that 20 years ago, child-care professionals dealing with the victims made recommendations that could have protected the victims, but the steps have never been implemented.

The report, authored by Peter McLoughlin, says all sexual abuse of children is horrible, but the “phenomenon of gangs of men who loiter with impunity around schoolgirls, luring them into a life of addiction and prostitution is a distinct category of child sexual abuse, but a category that the authorities in Britain have deliberately ignored for 25 years.”

The report says the Muslim community has refused to condemn the crimes and to inform police that they were going on.

“Political correctness would be used to make sure that people did not speak about this phenomenon, enabling the perpetrators free rein to sexually abuse schoolgirls for decades. Yes, decades. We know that in an age where parents are not allowed to smack their children, this sounds unbelievable,” the report says.

Even though some details have appeared in reports over the last year or two, the full extent of the problem is stunning, the report says.

“In England, this epidemic of child-rape by grooming gangs has been going on since at least 1988,” it says. “Despite more than a decade of disinformation by child-care professionals, academics, and political activists, the earliest claims (1988 to 2003) were that the gangs were overwhelmingly Muslim. This massive over-representation of Muslim men in this crime spree has been borne out by the prosecutions of the last three to four years, but it is clear that it must have been known long ago and should have been made public.

“Because the predators were Muslims, the agencies who are responsible for child-protection have almost entirely failed in their job to protect vulnerable children. From a fear of being called ‘racist,’ police forces across the country have buried the evidence,” the report says.

The organization believes its analysis “will show that there are indeed prima facie reasons for considering Islamic doctrine to be at the root of this problem, both in Britain and in the Netherlands.”

Schoolgirls are lured by money and presents, flattered by compliments and by being taken into a world of adults.

The girls then are introduced to drugs and alcohol.

“And one she is manipulated into considering the initial, alluring youth as her ‘boyfriend,’ she will be persuaded/coerced into having sex with his relatives/friends,” the report says. “From there it is a downward spiral of rape and prostitution, often with the schoolgirl suffering severe mental and physical pain, even torture.”

The girls stay because of threats that their homes will be bombed or their mothers will be gang-raped or worse.

The report cites a counselor who told of a girl who had her tongue nailed to a table when she told a grooming gang that she would go to the police.

The pimps often end up making more than $1,000 a day from the girls they prostitute, the report says, or up to about $300,000 a year.

Many of the victims, for a time, were Sikh girls, and it was alleged police knew but did nothing, so Sikh men took the law into their own hands.

“The convicted men were Muslim, the girl was Sikh, and some of the abuse had indeed taken place at the restaurant the Sikhs attacked,” the report says. “Furthermore, if the police did know about the crimes, it is clear that nothing was being done about this, before the Sikhs attacked the restaurant: the predatory Muslim men were only prosecuted once the Sikhs had drawn attention to these crimes by taking the law into their own hands.”

In fact, Sikhs were prosecuted for trying to stop the Muslim grooming gangs.

However, there is no sign that the police, the media or the child-care professionals took any notice of the Sikh’s allegations of sex slavery, the report says.

The report also said it has not been revealed where there was “one case where it was non-Muslim men grooming Muslim girls” … despite the fact 95 percent of men in Britain are not Muslims.

The report traces the gangs to Islamic doctrine, stating that not only “are Muslim men permitted legally and morally to rape their slaves, but they are also forgiven if they turn a slave girl into a prostitute,” citing the Quran, which says “do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, when they desire to keep chaste, in order to seek the frail goods of this world’s life; and whoever compels them, then surely after their compulsion Allah is forgiving, merciful.”

The report concludes it’s clear that “these kind of Islamic views easily lend themselves to Muslim men seeing women as objects, to be controlled and dominated by men.”

“It would lead them to believe that if some non-Muslim woman within their control could be prostituted, there would be no moral or legal consequences for them within an Islamic worldview,” the report says.

It notes that over the last five decades,  the Muslim population of the U.K. has on averaged doubled every 10 years.

“Assuming that nothing happens to deter Muslims from committing this form of crime (and remember, it is very lucrative and there is a 25 year history of most of the perpetrators escaping justice), then every decade we can assume that the number of grooming gangs will be double the number of the previous decade.”

According to the Gatestone Institute, the report was “meticulously documented” and warned that it makes clear the “massive over-representation of Muslim men in this crime spree.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/03/10000-schoolgirls-victims-of-u-k-sex-gangs/#SWytm2SfOWSvtJzM.99

3 thoughts on “(UK) Islamic Takeover Plot Widens to 25 Schools…”

  1. The conviction of Paki perverts indulging in grooming is a small step in the role of justice.
    I suspect that there will be more in the future!

  2. From Jimmy Seville to Rotherham: sometimes, it feels as though the news over the past couple of years has been about little other than the sexual abuse and rape of children. Major institutions have been charged with failing to investigate accusations of impropriety and of covering up the ‘open secret’ of celebrities having sex with minors.

    More recently, there have been the Rotherham scandals, involving gangs of men grooming and sexually assaulting young girls subject to the care system – a system which, quite obviously, failed to care for them adequately. It’s certainly not the case that everyone in care is preyed upon and exploited but a cursory glance at the facts suggests that care sometimes falls short: children in care have poorer educational outcomes, are more likely to have poorer emotional and behavioural health and to use substances than their peers who are not cared for by the State. Rates of criminality, mental health problems, teenage pregnancy and homelessness in adulthood are also higher. Frequently, children in care will have experienced early adversity, be it parental substance use, domestic violence or a history of abuse or neglect. These are often vulnerable individuals and they are likely to require enhanced support compared to other children their own age.

    But all that has been forgotten. The press is busy describing the Rotherham offenders as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Pakistani’ or ‘of Pakistani origin’ or something similarly designed to tarnish all members of one or other community with the same brush. Cue counter-pieces stating, rightly, that not all paedophiles are Muslim, Pakistani or of Pakistani origin. The overwhelming majority of sex offenders in prison are white, though it would be incorrect to assume that the rates of reporting and conviction are the same across ethnic groups. Ethnic minorities, particularly those from Asian backgrounds, are less likely to report abuse because the dual burdens of shame and stigma continue to act as a deterrent. The effect is that ever-increasing numbers of children are raped and that rapists get away with it.

    Personally, I have no interest in the demographics of paedophiles. You don’t violate a child because of your ethnic background, nor because you notionally subscribe to a particular faith. You violate a child because you disregard the rights of that child to only engage in consensual sex. It’s not about being Asian, or Muslim, or white, or Church of England. It’s simply about being a rapist.

    As for the girls? Who knows? What we do know is this. Children who are sexually assaulted are more likely to experience mental health problems, including eating disorders, and to self-harm. They are more likely to misuse drugs and alcohol and to attempt suicide. They are more likely to have difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships and to be in violent, emotionally abusive relationships. The impact is often devastating, and may be life-long. But, what with all our hand-wringing over our religious and cultural identity, we have forgotten that there are children, violated children, at the centre of this.

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