UK: "Lee Rigby's killer only got life sentence because judge hates Islam"

Milquetoast Jamie Merrill in the Independent:

Muslims in the armed forces: “A proud tradition”

The increasing number of Islamic recruits in our forces believe that there is no contradiction between being a Muslim and joining the British military

muslimmilitaryImam Asim Hafiz is not surprised that more and more Muslims are joining the British military. He is in no doubt, either, that British Muslims can be good soldiers. (We are in no doubt either, that these Muslims will make good Muslim soldiers, just like Nidal Hasan.LOL!)

Brother of Lee Rigby’s killer blames life sentence on judge’s ‘hatred of Islam’

THE brother of one of soldier Lee Rigby’s murderers sparked fury yesterday by blaming his “whole life sentence” on a hatred of Islam.

In a BBC interview, Jeremiah ­Adebolajo claimed the judge bowed to public pressure when ruling his brother Michael should die behind bars.

Muslim convert Jeremiah, 27, also said the murderer would lead a productive life with his family if he was set free. His comments triggered fury, with campaigners attacking the BBC for allowing him to spout his bizarre views on air.

lee_rigby_killer_s_brother-371615OUTRAGE: The brother of Lee’s killer says the judge involved in the case hated Islam [CENTRAL NEWS/BARCROFT]

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