UK: Muslims feel they just can't win…

Sometimes it takes a little longer, but they’re getting there:

The odious Islamofascist Salma Yaqoob:

Anti-Muslim suspicion in Britain has a “whiff of McCarthyism about it”

Allegations of an Islamic takeover plot in Birmingham schools aren’t justified by the evidence – and the government response is way out of proportion

Her coreligionist Shabana Mahmood resorts to old fashioned Mohammedan threats:

Having counter-terrorism expert investigate claims hardliners are taking over schools is provocative…..

Shabana Mahmood is Birmingham‘s only female Muslim MP.  She denies the “alleged infiltration of the city’s schools by Islamic fundamentalists.”


UK: Probe of Islamic Takeover Plot Widens

The problem of Islam in public schools has been allowed to snowball to vast proportions… not hundreds but thousands of British schools have come under the influence of Muslim radicals.

Bains was also instructed to stop teaching citizenship classes because they were deemed to be “un-Islamic,” and to introduce Islamic studies into the curriculum, even though Saltley is a non-faith school.

Academy school in Birmingham is victim of ‘witch-hunt’, says governor

Indeed, the witches must be haunted out and back to Pakistan….

No evidence whatsoever:

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