"Uncomfortable Lifeboats…"

Those who side with the Conroy’s are enemies of the people of Australia

One of them is Paddy Gourley,a former deputy secretary pencil pusher of the Defence Department, who’s sanctimonious BS is printed here:

  …if they try to get here by boat, the government will, if their crafts are unseaworthy, transfer them to brightly coloured, ”very, very seaworthy” and uncomfortable lifeboats and send them back whence they came. After all, the policies of the Rudd-Abbott governments and Operation Sovereign Borders are based on being quite beastly to asylum seekers, so as to deter them from making the attempt.
psi-gourley-boat-wide-20140331204741526005-620x349Operation Sovereign Absurdity is destroying the military’s credibility” (Note to Paddy: the military has a job to do, which it credibly does. It is your absurd drivel that has no credibility.)

Who needs  basic teaching, curriculum or child-safety requirements when you got the Koran already?

A proposed new Islamic school in north Canberra will not be allowed to take enrolments for this year after being roundly condemned in a government review for failing to plan for basic teaching, curriculum or child-safety requirements.

Too many spin doctors:

The federal government’s ”army” of spin doctors and communications staff has grown to more than 1900, based on data supplied by departments and agencies.

Senator Abetz, in opposition in 2012, railed against the ”battalion” of communications workers when numbers hovered around the 1600 mark, alleging the figures highlighted the Gillard government’s ”concentration on spin”. But the answers to the questions on notice, supplied to the office of Labor senator Joe Ludwig, show hundreds more spinners taken on board since 2012.


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  1. Well Sheik,

    We all saw the Iranian ( on ABC) who took a nice little ride in Morrisons orange boat. Ha ha.

    Brilliant stuff. He wont be back. Thats what we want!!!

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