All Hope Gone

Downunder, all hope gone:

Joe Hockey’s budget has accomplishing something miraculous. It appears to have almost entirely erased any left-wing concerns about global warming. WARMING OVER (Tim Blair)

image He has no hopes; hopes being other people’s money.

France’s left is through with Hollande

Angered by austerity and economic stagnation, fewer than one in five French approve of the Socialist president.They will vote for the next dog that promises them a gravy train. Leftoids have an inbred learning disability.

EU “far-right” expects success in elections

Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant parties hope to make big gains in vote for a new EU parliament.

The Netherlands

Geert Wilders’ far-right Freedom Party (PVV) looks set to make gains in the European parliamentary elections on May 22, with some opinion polls predicting the party could become the largest Dutch faction in Brussels.

Seeking greater influence in Europe, Wilders in November announced an alliance with France’s “far-right” National Front with the aim of “liberating Europe from within”. 

As part of this broader anti-EU movement, he vowed to destroy what he called the “monster of Brussels”, tapping into a pool of disgruntled voters who still feel the pinch of the economic crisis.

The Dutch are fed up with Europe, Wilders often repeats in his campaign, claiming that the union has brought the country nothing but austerity measures and tax hikes, while Brussels pours billions into ailing EU economies such as Greece and Cyprus.

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