Cry me a river!

For the Muslims of CAR, it’s ‘leave or die’

Thousands of Muslims in the Central African Republic have fled as UN chief warns of ‘ethno-religious cleansing’.

“It will be difficult to be together with Christians, because some Muslims here, it is difficult for them to forgive.”— Come Haroun, deputy imam

In the Central African Republic, Muslims tried to take over the country, rape -pillage and butcher the population. When the population fights back the Muslims play the victim….

Malians celebrate reconstruction of Timbuktu tombs
Malians celebrate reconstruction of Timbuktu tombs

The government and U.N. world heritage agency UNESCO earmarked $11 million for the rebuilding and renovation of the historical tombs and sites in Timbuktu destroyed two years ago.

Heaven help us! Why in the world would we pay to restore Mohammedan tombs and shrines?