Did he wink or did he blink?

From the Bolt blog:

Abbott winks: Left shrieks

Strange, how people so sensitive about a wink feel perfectly free to then savagely abuse the winker.

Once again the professional offence-takers go stark-staring mad:

Pathetic rabble gets worked up over trivia:

The new civility:

The increasingly shrill and unhinged left:

The Homo Mafia  and the Green Party of Hate

Petulant Child Senator Hanson-Young called Abbott “a creep”…

The Greens, allegedly the party of compassion, have instead become the party of vicious character assassination – preaching to rent-a-crowd thugs and to the very worst in human nature.

“Underneath every bully is a coward,” tweeted Greens senator Richard Di Natale about the Prime Minister on Tuesday about a cancelled visit to Geelong.

Don’t forget this deceitful and menacing abuse of Abbott from Greens Senator Scott Ludlam:

Western Australians are a generous and welcoming lot, but if you …  show up waving your homophobia in people’s faces … you can expect a very different kind of welcome… Prime Minister, you are welcome to take your heartless racist exploitation of people’s fears and ram it as far from Western Australia as your taxpayer funded travel entitlements can take you.

Given this and much more, David Crowe cannot be serious:

Abbott is aware of the hatred directed at him but is in a poor position to complain, given that Julia Gillard was subjected to far worse.