How the Muslims eliminated the Hindus of Kashmir

 by Hugh Fitzgerald


Within a quarter-century, and in the part of Kashmir that was under Indian government control, Hindus were killed and the rest fled. There were 350,000 Hindus 25 years ago, and less than 1% of those — 3,000 Hindus – remain today. 99% of them fled, for their lives, from Kashmir.

kashmir protesters srinagarAnd the Bengalis who flood into Assam, attacking the native Bodo tribes and seizing their land, and into West Bengal, pushing out Hindus, and into northern Burma, massacring (as they did repeatedly in the 1950s) the native Burmese Buddhists — who now, when they fight, fearful and furious, back, get a lot of attention by those who know nothing of what makes them so fearful — these are all one, part of world-wide pattern, of Muslim pushing against, reducing in numbers, eliminating altogether, the non-Muslim peoples and civilizations whom they attempt to efface and erase.

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