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Israel seals Syrian border over escalating clashes

The Quneitra Crossing on Israels’ Syrian border near the Golan Heights was closed due to an escalation in fighting between Bashar-al-Assad’s regime and opposition forces.

suriye-israil-sinirThe Israeli authorities earlier announced an increase in its military presence in the area after Al-Nusra Front captured the Syrian side of the crossing, which is near the long-disputed area under Israeli occupation, Golan Heights.

Syrian “rebels” want to ally with Israel

What could go wrong? We all know that da Joooz were behind al Qaeda all along, right?

Homs v GazaMy how the world has changed. Here’s a Syrian rebel appealing to ally with Israel.  —Read the whole thing

Resistance Verboten, Dhimmies Submit

Priest who encourages Christians to enlist in IDF stripped of his role– It remains to be seen if any Christian leaders of other denominations will criticize this heavy handed interference by Palestinian Arab churches into Israeli clerics and churches.

Fatah, the ‘moderate’ terrorists

Israel is the most extraordinary collective achievement of the Jewish people in thousands of years.

 It is the embodiment of the dreams, faith, blood, sweat and tears of the Jewish people today and throughout time in both spiritual and physical terms.–A sad Independence, Caroline Glick

Camel Urine?


A week ago, Martin Indyk was the ‘unnamed‘ source for a report blasting Israeli ‘settlement building’ for the failure of the ‘peace process.’ On Thursday night, he made his criticism explicit. And on Friday night, an unnamed Israeli official blasted Indyk back for being a hypocrite.

“Indyk comes and blames others without speaking about his own responsibility for the current impasse,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters.

“(It is) difficult to point to any significant contribution that he (Indyk) had made to the process,” he added.

Most Israeli Jews disagree with Indyk.