Italian Navy Rolls Out the Red Carpet For Another 1600 African Muslim Invaders

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UGH! Italian Navy rescues 1600 more Muslim invaders from North Africa


Italian Navy rescued more than 1600 Muslim boat people from Africa during nightlong operations on Saturday, as the illegal aliens keep coming and coming, swarming all over the southern European country.

Turkish Press  Italian Naval Forces said the  invaders were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea off Sicily Island. The Muslims, mostly from Libya were picked up from various islands and brought to the mainland, according to the navy’s statement.

Interior Minister of Italy, Angelino Alfano, said, in late April, an estimated 800 thousand immigrants are waiting to move to Europe from Africa. (God forbid!) Only this year, nearly 30 thousand illegal aliens, seeking welfare benefits and free housing in Europe, arrived in Italy.


Migrants Day  An unprecedented 4,457 MOSTLY MUSLIM economic asylum seekers and entitlement whores reached Sicily in just three days and another 1,600 are arriving today.  Ten more boats, believed to be carrying illegals, have also been spotted in the Channel of Sicily.

“These boats are coming from Libya. The illegals are from various countries including Eritrea, Nigeria, Syria, Mali, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Senegal.  In the first 11 weeks of this year, some 5,745 illegal aliens arrived in Italy from North Africa – a dramatic increase from the 500 who were registered during the same period last year.


Oropeza fears that the instability in Libya could result in Italy seeing growing numbers of migrants and asylum seekers arriving in the coming weeks. He has called for improved contingency planning to ensure that adequate resources are deployed to receive them.

Do what Australia has done, send the boats back and refuse asylum to the ones already there. Then they’ll stop coming as they have in Australia since Tony Abbott took office. Stupid Italian government, your people will pay the price for your misplaced benevolence.




3 thoughts on “Italian Navy Rolls Out the Red Carpet For Another 1600 African Muslim Invaders”

  1. These asylum seekers/invaders don’t seem to understand the concept of “women & children first”
    Every boat seems to be crammed full of men of “fighting age”

  2. “Italian Navy Rolls Out the Red Carpet For Another 1600 African Muslim Invaders”

    As someone who has been researching terrorism and immigration for 20 years i must say your title is quite misleading. You make it appear that Italy is welcoming these people. This is either the result of malice or ignorance. I tend to think it’s the latter. You may not know that we did have a law (From old right wing government) which implied the immediate repatriation. Then EU intervened, the UN intervened, the US (Indirectly) intervened, various NGOs (often indirectly financed by islamic organizations or directly by the catholic church, specifically the catho-communist wing, if you don’t what this is then you’ll need to check that too). In short, nobody wants them. The Navy has no interest in going out pick these people. We are forced to. Last but not least. You don’t need to go to Australia to see different examples. Malta never picks them up when they are in their waters, that’s why Italy has to collect them (check the maritime routes and you’ll understand they cross Malta’s waters before the Italian ones). This article is so wrong that you’re not doing us all a favour.

  3. @An Italian,

    There was no malice/ignorance intended with the headline, it was intended in a tongue and cheek manner.

    See Disclaimer above.

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