Luton: No Homo Promo in Muslim Territory! (How dare these filthy kafirs inspect our Muslim schools!)

No Homo Promo in Muslim Territory!

Luton: Inspectors kicked out of Islamic faith school after pupils quizzed on homosexuality – school could now be closed

From Luton Today and the Guardian

The head of an Islamic faith school says he will challenge an Ofsted report written by inspectors who asked nine-year-old students to define homosexuality. Enraged parents at Olive Tree Primary School, Bury Park Road, threatened to take their children out of the independent school on Thursday after the Ofsted representatives admitted to questioning a group of nine and ten-year-old pupils on their understanding of homosexuality and gay marriage.

The schools watchdog has said that the session was designed to gauge tolerance at the school and its pupils, though parents have said that the incident “unduly sexualised” their children.

Islam forbids homosexuality and Olive Tree does not teach sexual education.



‘Abhorrent to British society’: Damning Ofsted report accuses Luton school of promoting fundamentalist Islam and having library books on stoning women

“Abhorrent” — Jooliar G-Lard found Geert Wilders views about Islam abhorrent. I happen to know a lot of people who find JooLiar G-Lard abhorrent.

  • Report condemned Olive Tree Primary School in Luton, Berkshire
  • Accused of promoting Salafi ideals, which includes imposing Sharia law
  • Claimed it did not prepare children ‘for life in modern Britain’ 
  • Inspection was abandoned last week after parents complained
  • Claims children as young as nine were being quizzed about homosexuality

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After being confronted during a planned meeting with parents on Thursday, inspectors agreed to leave the school and say they have information to complete a report– despite completing just two of the four days they were to spend there.

Headteacher Abdul Qadeer Baksh revealed that more than 20 parents called him on Wednesday evening, while many more called during the meeting with inspectors on Thursday. He said: “Children went home and told their parents about it, I didn’t know that this had happened until I started getting calls about it. Parents told the inspectors that it was discrimination and it encroached on their rights.”

Picture from Luton today. The caption says ‘enraged parents’. Do these children not have mothers?

Farasat Latif, parent and chair of the school’s trust has collated the children’s accounts of the incident and will seek legal advice. He said: “The whole school was up in arms. What gives them the right to come into the school and ride roughshod over a curriculum which does not teach sexual education? We wanted an apology for asking the questions but they would not give us one.”

Ofsted inspectors have harshly criticised (the) school for promoting Salafi fundamentalist beliefs and rated the school as inadequate, in a possible prelude to it being closed or taken over by the Department for Education.In their unpublished draft report, the inspectors said the school … fails to prepare its pupils “for life in modern Britain, as opposed to life in a Muslim state”, and that its library contains books that are “abhorrent to British society” in their depiction of punishments under sharia law.

“Some books in the children’s library contain fundamentalist Islamic beliefs (Salafi) or are set firmly within a Saudi Arabian socio-religious context. Some of the views promoted by these books, for example about stoning women, have no place in British society,” the report argues.  “Pupils’ contact with people from different cultures, faiths and traditions is too limited to promote tolerance and respect for the views, lifestyles and customs of other people.”

The snap inspection was ordered by the Department for Education after reports that the headteacher had argued during a BBC radio discussion that homosexuality was punishable by death in an “ideal” Islamic state. Several other independent Muslim schools have also had recent snap inspections ordered by the department.

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  1. So zman (who really isn’t) – you have just self categorised yourself as a Whacko Job!
    Never mind – you have self entered yourself on the list of those willingly expelled or forcefully ‘expelled’ from every where.

    It is said/believed/taught that a soul never dies – this saying/belief/teaching is incorrect – a soul converted to islam is not allowed to continue existing – in any natural universe – it is a ‘soul‘ self-destruct trigger – so zman (who really isn’t) swagger on – fool!

    Nice to see Abhorrent Ju’Liar has not been forgotten (she is certainly remembered as are the Dhimmi detritus she willingly joined)!

  2. zman,
    So you support rape, murder, theft, and dishonesty, as well as cheating the tax payer and the government. That what muslims do – you support them – fine – you have simply labelled yourself as an idiot with minimal moral integrity.

  3. The reference in the article that islam forbids homosexuality is incorrect. It is mostly practiced by them since the time of Mohammed. For the ske of anal sex. they are removing their fore skin from the penis . Exposed crown getting harder nd in sensitive after being rubbed on the clothes for years. They don’t get ral feeling from their women and thus prefer anal sex, sex with goat, camel, hens and beastiality etc

  4. If they don’t like English schools, let them go back to where they came from. We don’t want muslim practices taught in England. So piss off the lot of you.

  5. Harry, you are wrong.

    The Quran forbids any sexual relationship other than in a marriage between a man and a woman. Many homosexual men and women claim that they are born with their sexual preferences and that they have no choice. Although this point is very much in dispute in the medical world, it has no support in the Quran. Even then, irrespective of the nature of homosexuality, this matter would not affect the laws spelled out clearly in the Quran .

  6. Quite frankly I find Muslims to be Liars, Hypocrites, and a disgrace to the Human race. I have a saying, Only works well when watched.! These people are an insult to everyone who has ever walked the Earth. Most of them Drink and smoke drugs, I know for I have seen it in many illicit clubs in the City where I live. They would hate you to believe this but its true. We will suffer in the end though, that’s if we do not rise up against them. They are only wanting one thing and that is world dominance and the way they are breeding, they will eventually get it, within the next 40 years.

  7. I think it is very sad that people cannot get on I do not like some of the laws Muslims have and in a modern Britain people should be all taught the same in all schools and if some Muslims don’t like this then they should move to a Muslim country everyone in Britain has the right to think what they want but not to be biggits

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