Madness: Cringing Dhimmi Chief Justice of Australia Promotes Sharia Law For Australia

Thanks to Rita
No lesser than the THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE AUSTRALIAN  FAMILY COURT is now promoting  Islamic Family Law for Australia by an author who, by her dress, is obviously an adherent to fundamental Islam (although personally I see the differences between so-called “moderate”, “tolerant”, “peaceful” and “fundamental” Islam disappear at an alarming speed).

Published on 20 May 2014

Chief Justice Diana Bryant launches Dr Krayem Ghena’s book ‘Islamic Family Law in Australia: To Recognise or not to Recognise’.
The book questions the assumption that accommodating the needs of Australian Muslims requires the establishment of a separate and parallel legal system.

What a chance for little girls….

5 thoughts on “Madness: Cringing Dhimmi Chief Justice of Australia Promotes Sharia Law For Australia”

  1. Diana Bryant, Chief Justice of the Australian Court. Another name to add to the list of traitors. She also proves herself to be a MISOGYNIST because anyone who had actually bothered to read the Qu’aran and Hadith and the many rulings from Islamic Scholars would know that women are given the same status as any breeding stock and must”belong” to a man. I despise this woman, she makes me embarrassed to be of the same sex as she.

  2. The addition of Sharia law in Australia is stupefying! SMH.

    I always thought of all the countries in the West, that Australia would not become tainted by the insanity that is Multiculturalism; America too for that matter. As both countries are confident in their identity and neither country are push overs-resolute in their nationality and culture.

    To allow sharia into the Australian Legal system sullies and opposes everything that post enlightenment/modern justice stands for.

    Detestable and DISGRACEFUL!

  3. This obscene peri (or probably post) menopausal “woman” – the so-called “Chief Justice of the Australian Family Court” probably creams her bloomers at the idea of helping to hold down little 6 y.o. girls having their clitori butchered off by muslim “uncles etc” with rusted razor blades. What else could be her “motivation”?


    Vomit bucket please !

  4. @Rita,

    What other motivation? How about the smug, sanctimonious act of the inclusion of the Other, at the expense of Australia’s ‘justice’ system.

    Liberalism is dangerous for the rest of us.

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