Mohammedan "Terrorism Experts" Threaten China, in the Old Familiar Ways


China Xinjiang ExplosionAny form of defence, any measures by the infidel Chinese government to beat back the jihad must be seen as unjust and ‘oppressive’.  Resisting the spread of Islam causes war. It forces peaceful Muslims to commit acts of terror for which the infidels are responsible.

“Terrorism expert” Ahmed A.S. Hashim, prescribes submission:

A heavyhanded response might backfire by inciting sympathy from Central Asian radicals about “the plight of Muslims in Xinjiang,” said Ahmed A.S. Hashim, a terrorism expert at Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University.

“In fact, groups like al-Qaeda and others are now beginning to think that China could be a new oppressor of the Muslim world,” he said.

In other news:

Bombs in southern Thailand kill 2, wound 52

BANGKOK (AP) — A series of coordinated bomb attacks in restive southern Thailand hit convenience stores, gas stations and other locations, killing two people and wounding dozens, police said.

6 thoughts on “Mohammedan "Terrorism Experts" Threaten China, in the Old Familiar Ways”

  1. Typical Muslim faux victim rhetoric with the usual implied threat of violence attached. How many thousands of times have I read something similar or seen such on thousands of videos?

  2. you really are a stupid idiot. he was suggesting that China adopt a series of measures to deal with the issue.

  3. “mohammedan expert” here. i second what anonymous said, but then considering where you are from, your ignorance and misrepresentation of me is hardly astounding. i love china and i hope to see it become the world power. i have less time for islamists and their religion than you do, but i dont jump to conclusions, probably the only exercise you besides running your mouth.

  4. Michael Clarke, “the danger of heavy-handed tactics in Xinjiang…” Wall Street Journal, May 26, 2014; i presume michael clarke is a mohammedan expert too? why dont you check your facts and understand what COIN and Counter-terrorism are about before making oafish, prejudiced and ignorant comments?

  5. Sure you second what you yourself posted, Ahmed A.S. Hashim. But why post under “Anonymous” when your ip-address clearly gives you away?

    Michael Clarke is said to be a “senior research fellow at Griffith University”, which has long been wearing kneepads to service Mohammedan mores. His Uyghur propaganda is noted. I hope it pays well. He might need the money once the political wind shifts.

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  6. cos i am not going to bother to fill in your request mr spenser (btw, why spenser when i doubt if you are christian). let me reiterate that i love china and i hope to see it become world power no. one so that it can put you your country and the islamists in their proper place: submission to the global mandate of heaven. will you turn your ire on them then because “they threaten your way of life?”
    i am signing off from now as this is a waste of time. but you need to check your facts about people before letting your ancient prejudices run riot

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