"Our Arab-Muslim civilisation…"

Former Jordanian FM quotes Mein Kampf in anti-Israel article

In four short paragraphs we learn that Jews “Zionists” use Hitler’s methods to propagate “The Big Lie,” that Jews  “Zionists” managed to get the entire world to buy into their lies, that Jewish  “Talmudic” myths are the only reason Jews Zionists in the Middle East to begin with, that Western nations are so incredibly enamored of Jewish “Zionist” myths that they happily sacrifice their own interests to make Jews“Zionists” happy, and that Jews “Zionists” control the media that drenches the world with Jewish “Zionist” myths and sex and violence.

Oh, and the author, Kamel S. Abu Jaber, is the former foreign minister of Jordan. (From The Jordan Times, thanks to the Elder)

Arab newspaper justifies the Mufti’s role in the Holocaust, plus more

Here is a survey of how the Arab media is reporting about the Holocaust in today’s newspapers.

Al Arab al Yawm, an Arab newspaper based out of Jordan, has an article about the infamous Mufti of Jerusalem who contributed directly to the genocide of Jews in Europe during World War II.

The unsigned article quotes, and does not dispute, Israeli newspaper accounts of the history of the Mufti’s crimes in Nazi Germany. But here is how it introduces the topic:

Israel is trying through its media to offend every symbol of Palestinian leaders, Arabs and Muslims, including Haj Amin al-Husseini and Gamal Abdel Nasser and Yasser Arafat, and many others who unfurled banners of struggle and the struggle against the Zionist aggression that usurped Palestine, and displaced the Palestinian people in an orgy of crimes against humanity. Read more: Arab newspaper justifies…. 

Blue Flags of Zionism?

Latest Egyptian conspiracy theory: Jews hiding Israeli flag in plastic cups

Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahdy, apparently met with a Jewish group in the US this week. Here’s a photo of the visit from his party’s Facebook page:

Egyptian paper Al Mesryoon is upset over part of the scene:

What an insult!
You mean, you don’t see it?
Come on, its obvious. The Jews purposefully put two stripes of blue cups around the water bottles to evoke the Israeli flag!
How much more humiliation are Egyptians expected to take???
I’m surprised that Al Mesryoon didn’t notice that there were exactly six water bottles between the blue cups – obviously meant to symbolize not only the six-pointed Star of David, but also the Six Day War and Egypt’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Israel.
Notice also that there are four cups in each row, for a total of eight. This is clear reference to 1948, the year of the Nakba!
And there are two sets of drinks, which symbolizes the two [alleged, according to Arab media] Jewish Temples and Israel’s desire to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque to build the third Temple!
How transparent those Jews are in their evil plots!