"Palestine", Occupied by Genocidal Muslim Zombies

To Hell With This Latin American Redistributor!

Today’s Jews are the Herods while Palestinian Arab children are Jesus.

Yesterday he visited the “Esplanade of the Mosques”-- the Temple Mount.

One of the videos welcoming the Pope says that Jesus was the first Palestinian refugee.

PA TV teaches kids: All of Israel will be replaced by “Palestine”

Rape is a Mohammedan ‘thing’– so is Projection:

Egyptian economist writes, repeatedly, that Zionists “raped” Palestine

Apparently, saying that Jews “stole Palestine” is passe. The cutting edge insult is to say that they “raped” it.
But rape is a Mohammedan ‘thing’. Mohammed did it, and so did his disciples. And since Mohammed was the perfect man, uswa hasana al insan al kamil, for all time and any place, to be emulated in all things by his adherents, rape is what Mohammedanism commands.