Rakhine Buddhists propose raising army against "Rohingya"

Rakhine Buddhists propose raising army against Rohingya

Buddhist community leaders in Myanmar’s Rakhine State are pressuring the government to allow them to raise their own army to fight against the persecuted Muslim Rohingya minority.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Buddhist politicians, monks and community leaders in Myanmar’s Rakhine State called for the creation of an “Arakan National Defense Army” against the region’s persecuted Muslim Rohingya community.

The Turkish scribbler is religiously obligated to defend the Mohammedan invasion of Burma by Bangla and Bengal Muslims. There is no such thing as a “Rohingya”, its a jihad to settle and to legitimise large numbers of muselmanic invaders behind enemy lines,  in this Buddhist country.

The meeting which recently took place in the Kyaukphyu Township proposed the idea first pitched by Buthidaung Township representative Tun Aung Thein, who attempted tp pressure the Myanmar government to allow the formation of such an army.

Union Parliament Speaker Shwe Mann and the President Office’s Minister Aung Min also attended the five-day conference that wrapped up on Thursday.

Irrawaddy news reported that Nyi Nyi Maung, a spokesperson from Arakan National Conference, said “this decision came out from our analysis of the current situation in our region.”

Myanmar has been accused of genocide against the Rohingya, who had their ethnic group dismissed from a recent census as the state claims they are Bangladeshis who have illegally migrated to Myanmar.

The accusation of “genocide” is absurd and insulting to Buddhists. Most of all its projection. Its Muslims who want to wipe out the Buddhists and all other  infidels.

Ongoing violence against the community by Buddhist extremists in the Rakhine State have forced many of them to risk their lives fleeing the surrounding countries across dangerous seas and terrain.

Many of those who survive the dangerous trek have fallen victim to traffickers who hold them hostage in remote locations. Many also face deportation a persecution in the countries where they seek refuge.

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  1. There is no such thing as a “Rohingya”,

    Yet another “Palestinian” type creation.

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