"Right Wing" Hysteria Breaks Out

Eurosceptics surge in ‘earthquake’ EU polls

Parties hostile towards the EU come out on top in Britain, Denmark, France and Greece in European Parliament elections.

Hugh Fitzgerald:

The Danish People’s Party has been worried, for a decade, about not all immigrants, but about Muslim immigrants.
A hostile press elsewhere keeps misstating this, just as it calls this party, which does not take issue with the generous benefits the Danish government provides — just with the fact that too many who are hostile to that government, and to its people, have come to Denmark to take advantage of those benefits, that welfare system — “right-wing” when the adjective does not apply.

Its victory in the just-completed elections is reported here.


 The anti-Brussels AfD party, which wants to stop using the euro, could get six MEPs, a huge blow to established parties which championed the currency and have branded AfD an unelectable mix of academics and nationalists.

‘Massive’ gains for the rightwing in Austria, Greece, France

Far-right parties sweep EU polls

Anti-immigration parties in France, the UK and Denmark make sweeping gains in the European Parliament elections.

Wilders bags an extra seat. (Nowhere near as bad as the polls predicted.)
by  25 May 2014

As Breitbart London exclusively forecast on Friday, Geert Wilders’ anti-EU, anti-immigration Dutch Freedom Party has taken one more seat in the European Parliament than first exit polls indicated.

Wilders’ party looks on course now to have four MEPs of the Netherlands’ 26 seats. They will be in a group with Marine Le Pen’s Front National, which is topping the polls in France.

@OpenEurope confirms: “Wilders 1 more than in exitpoll”

However, the so-called EU “reformers” parties dominate the result: Christian Democrat Appeal five seats, Democracy 66 four, the Liberal VVD three.