Shameless Savages

Muslima “Interfaith Leader” At Hamas-CAIR’s Press Conference On 9/11 Museum Film Attacks Jews For Crucifying Jesus

But Mohammedanism denies that Jesus was crucified.

Adolph Hitler was a Catholic, she said. No one talks about that….


On a stormy NYC day when the weather matches the somber mood of the city, we, as a nation, finally open the doors to the memorial to our fallen dead. You would think that Islamic supremacists would have the decency and respect to hold their tongues and pay respect to dead in the worst and bloodiest jihad attack on the homeland. But they will not rest. They will not allow us this long-awaited day — the opening of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Insteads, they offend, humiliate and lie. Even today. They are ruthless. They even want all mention of jihad scrubbed from the record of this jihad attack. Shame on these savages. –  [Pamela Geller]READ MORE

“Unfortunate Messaging”

9/11 museum at Ground Zero opens amid anxiety and criticism | News | The Week UK

Islamo shyster Zead Ramadan of the Council on American-Islamic Relations told CNN there was “unfortunate messaging in referencing to Islam” in the film. … (a  dhimmified UK scribbler runs with it) thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Media driven by fear of the alien

The media is definitely driven by fear of Islam, which divides and impoverishes us. Alex Brummer, who normally writes for the Daily Mail, runs with the PC narrative:

Halal meat has become an easy target for the popular press as a surrogate for boosting anti-Islamic sentiment that already is being stirred by a divisive agenda on immigration for the European elections.

Guardian scribbler praises ‘Trojan Horse’ schools

Inside Park View academy: Religion row school ‘is victim of its success’

“People are resentful of us because our results are really good, and theirs aren’t.”

DC Media: “Pamela Geller is back with new eyebrow-raising ads on the sides of buses”

The ads will appear on 20 Metro buses for about four weeks: