Sheikh Tamimi predicts a "massacre in Al Aqsa" today

Is it just projection or is it the usual muselmanic hysteria?

Sheikh Tamimi predicts a “massacre in Al Aqsa” today

Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, “Chief Justice of Palestine” and Secretary General of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem, says that Israel is planning to massacre Muslims on the Temple Mount today, in order to give an excuse to divide it between Jews and Muslims.

Israeli police are limiting the number of Muslims onto the Mount today to avoid problems as a crowd of Jews plan to ascend for Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

As soon as Jewish groups announced their plans to visit the Mount today, Muslim leaders put out a call to have thousands of people “defend Al Aqsa” from being “desecrated.”

Tamimi says that today’s planned massacre will follow the formula of Baruch Goldstein’s murdering Muslims at the Cave of the Patriarchs, implying that it was a Zionist plot to give an excuse for the “temporal and physical division” of the holy spot.

Tamimi has a history of hysterical incitement like this. He once insisted that Israel would destroy Al Aqsa and build a Temple by March 16, 2010. When that date passed without incident, he just started a new rumor. And so on.

So far, this “massacre” is as real as Tamimi’s other confident predictions. Although I suspect that he would be quite pleased if such an event occurred.

Oh, and this terror supporting sheikh who spends his days inciting Muslims to attack Jews was one of the esteemed people visited by the State Department’s Shaun Casey earlier this year.

Here is a video shown on the Aqsa Heritage Foundation website that shows how violent these evil Jewish settlers were when they visited today.

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  1. “Muslim leaders put out a call to have thousands of people “defend Al Aqsa” from being “desecrated.”

    What a laugh. The only people who perpetually “desecrate” cultural sites of any religion, culture or society are Muslims. They have done so for the entirety of the inception.

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