The revolving doors of Indonesia's prisons….

Brunei adopts ‘phase one’ of Islamic law

 And not a word from the ‘international community’

201443052456523734_20Sultan launches new penal code that will eventually include stoning, amputation and flogging as punishments.

Mustards underpaid

There’s no comprehensive survey on the salaries of Muslim clergy in America, but Islam appears to be the least remunerative of the major monotheistic religions. Imams only make around $30,000 annually and rarely receive a housing stipend. Many hold second jobs teaching in Muslim schools or as shop owners. They can earn a few thousand more if their mosque is funded by outside contributors.

French Islamic Congress Sinks into Anti-Semitic Hate Fest


In some deep corner of hell, Hitler is smiling.  One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Muslims gathered in Paris to attend the Union of Islamic Organization’s Thirty First Congress. It was advertised as a gathering about immigration, assimilation, and culture, but it soon descended into an anti-Semitic hate fest.

The revolving doors of Indonesia’s prisons:
All 36 Indonesian terrorists who were sentenced to anything less than life for their parts in the 2002 and 2005 bar and restaura… See More

Paradise for terrorists: 36 Bali bombers that killed 92 Australians are walking free
FOR the survivors of the Bali bomb attacks it is a terrifying tally, but for the families of the 92 Australians killed it is simply heartbreaking. Oz leftoids blame Abbott for not sucking up to Indonesia, claim its us who “have to repair the relationship”….