"The system is on our side guys — even the Bendigo Bank" .


Dhimmi Revolt?

An explosion has caused extensive damage to a Waroona bank this morning.

The police Bomb Response Unit and Arson Squad officers are investigating the blast at Bendigo Bank on South Western Highway about 3.40am.

ZAKY MALLAH: (First man charged under the anti terrorist laws in Australia,) “The system is on our side guys—even the Bendigo Bank” …”We are going play the “call for prayer” throughout Bendigo City so that all of Bendigo will know that there is a mosque in the city”…”And you ain’t going to do shit about it.”

“I am going to come to Bendigo to make my first prayers along with thousands of other Muslims when it is opened.

“I will make sure on ‘call for prayer’ the speakers…”

Perhaps not:  zaky-mallah-finally-arrested

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