Wally explains: "Boko Haram are a really, really hard group to define because they are so splintered and so diverse…"

Waleed Aly refuses to say what Boko Haram’s leader will: these terrorists are Muslims

See, they are just like us. Right?

Andrew Bolt


ABC presenter Waleed Aly, a Muslim, is often used by Channel 10 and Fairfax to explain away Muslim terrorism. He is the media Left’s acceptable face of Islam, but how acceptable is he really?

With the jihadist bombing of the Boston marathon, for instance, he initially informed Agereaders:

…  the very real suspicion that the perpetrators here are self-styled American patriots. At this point, most analysts are leaning that way. And while it’s entirely possible they are wrong, there’s something chilling about realising that this violence might not be something that can be assigned to a demonic other. Maybe we’re speaking in more hushed tones because our own societies might just be implicated.

Yesterday on The Project he was asked as an alleged “an expert on terrorism” to tell us something about Boko Haram.

Boko Haram’s leader himself has been taped saying Allah commands him to sell into slavery the Nigerian school girls his Islamist terrorists have kidnapped. A Muslim intermediary says some of the Christian girls have already forced to convert to Islam.

But Aly, asked to explain who Boko Haram actually was, could not bring himself to describe them as Muslim or even use the word “Muslim” once:

Rove McManus:

So who is this group exactly?…

Waleed Aly:

They are a really, really hard group to define because they are so splintered and so diverse. It started as a fairly coherent group – this is a long time ago, over 10 years ago – and since then they’ve splintered off into all these other little groups. What we do know though is that the broader movement is a terrorist movement and they’ve been wanting to overthrow the Nigerian government and establish a government of their own. But beyond that, this particular group, who have done this particular thing, it’s hard to identify who they are and they might just be vigilantes.

Really?  Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, says he took the girls and adds what Waleed Aly won’t:


Shekau explains his Islamic mission. Nothing hard to define about him at all:

And here’s what Boko Haram does, killing Christians, which Aly failed to mention, too:

6 thoughts on “Wally explains: "Boko Haram are a really, really hard group to define because they are so splintered and so diverse…"”

  1. Sheez,
    no surprise there .Wally is priceless and we taxpayers have to cough for that nuanced ,sensitive, complicated , layered, splintered , cultural , tribal , ethnic analysis ; sorry crap . ‘Your ABC’ and its stealth jihad merchant. Cultural relativism from sun up to sundown. Time to cut Aunty off from its Canberra umbilical cord !

  2. ABC = islamism promoting propaganda seat. Subtitle to ABC-Islamist-in-chief’s pronouncement: “Boko haram is not all thaaaaat bad, they used to be a very cohesive group….blablablablalba…” How many times did he say that kidnapping little schoolgirls from their school, selling them as sex slaves after having “tasted the merchandise” 8 at the time, was “not good”? “zero times” do I hear you say?

    Chanel 10: your moronic, silly program “the project” is bad enough on itself, but to inject this islamic Takja expert into it makes you an accomplice to a personage who will not condemn terrorism, nor abduction, followed by mass rape and selling as sex slave of little school girls in the name of “allah”. Does that mean that you approve of this too because it’s traditional in islam?

    ABC, give us, the tax payer, one reason why you should not be privatised immediately after being indicted for sympathising with terrorism?

  3. Forgot to say the name of this islamism-promoting muslim: Waleed Aly.

    Now I’m going wash out my mouth, feels a little dirty after pronouncing this name.

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