Who let the dogs out?


 UK Conservatives Vow to ‘Cater for the Needs of the Muslim Community’

Local residents in the London borough of Newham have raised concerns after a new Conservative Party flyer was handed out today outside local mosques during Friday prayersby BREITBART LONDON 249

There will be ‘backlash’

UKIP candidate tells it like it is, establishment goes apeshit:

“A new word has arisen in Brainwashed Britain – ‘Islamaphobia’. This is called an unnatural fear of Islam.:

The Guardian has criticised these posts as ‘Islamophobic’, comparing Kearney’s comments to those of another UKIP candidate, Heino Vockrodt, who described Islam as a “totalitarian ideology” which is “against everything modern Britain stands for.” The paper yesterday criticised Vockrodt for claiming that “Muslims are grooming children to be sex slaves under the eyes of the authorities, the council does nothing”.

Which is even more proof that leftards support the worst perversion when it comes to destroying western culture and civilisation.


Bolt links:

What is it with the Left that Liberals are not safe?

What is it with the Left and its monstrous appetite for other people’s money?

Why do we allow Mohammdan agitprops to play their dirty games in our country?

The Socialist Alternative’s Ridah Hassan was at the protests and is listed as a spokeswoman.

She was one of the protesters who disrupted Q&A last week:


And she bears a startling resemblance to a woman shouting at Bishop yesterday:


UK: Socialist Wankers Feel the Heat:

I won’t hold my breath:

Its not much, but it is a start of something:

Hashtag activism won’t  bring them back

Because Islam is not Islam the MuBro’s complain  that calling them MuBro’s is mean