"Historic Moment": Mosque Opens in Greek Cyprus

No Church to be opened in the Turkish occupied part. No plans for any reciprocal arrangements. The unbelievers are indeed dumb, deaf and blind.

Mosque reopens in Cyprus after 51 year closure
Mosque reopens in Cyprus after 51 year closure

The Tahtakale Mosque on the Greek Cypriot-controlled part of the island has been opened to prayer for the first time since 1963.

The jihad and the occupation against the Christians who were murdered and driven out from the Turk occupied part is described as a “peace mission”:

The island of Cyprus has remained divided into Greek and Turkish parts since a Greek Cypriot coup was followed by a Turkish peace mission to aid Turkish Cypriots in the north in 1974. Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders have been engaged in a peace process since February to reunify the island.

Milking Australian taxpayers to provide free education for Islamic terrorists in the Philippines

Great investment, isn’t it? I’m told that educated Philippino jihadis are much more gentle with their knifes  than the illiterate headbangers from the Middle East. And their gratitude is legendary.
Australia Financing Jihad in the Philippines
AUSAID aka our tax dollars are put to work in separatist Muslim provinces of the Philippines. Never mind that Muslim terrorists injured, maimed and killed thousands in their decade-long civil war against the predominantly Christian Republic of the Philippine.

On which side of morality does this and previous Australian government want to be seen? How much clout does the OIC have in Canberra?


COTABATO CITY (Mindanao Examiner / June 3, 2014) – BRAC Philippines in partnership with the Department of Education and Australian Government formally opened Monday some 1,200 learning centers in five provinces in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

And along with the free education and the free learning materials, all students in BRAC Learning Centers were also provided with essential hygienic materials such toothbrush with polypaste fluoride and soap for hand washing as part of their daily school activities. (Continued below the fold)

US secretary of state arrives in Beirut on unannounced visit to pledge $290m in additional aid for Syrian refugees.
Iraq: blaming the kafir for destroying their ‘heritage’

Media coverage of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 focused on security, political, and economic impacts. But it neglected the destruction of Iraq’s heritage. This documentary focuses on the damage done to Iraqi art, music, theater, publishing houses, cultural institutions, as well as the looting of its antiquities.

The United States and its allies ignored the warnings of organizations and scholars concerning the protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage, including museums, libraries, archaeological sites and other precious repositories. Arsonists badly burned the National Library and looters pillaged the National Museum. They also damaged or destroyed many historic buildings and artifacts. Coalition forces destroyed or badly damaged many historic urban areas and buildings, while thieves ruined thousands of unique, unprotected archeological sites.

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Second mosque to be built in Cairns, Residents Deceived by False Advertising

Cairns had it’s first mosque imposed on a residential neighborhood in 2008. Now the council has approved the planning application for a second mosque.

Many residents in Cairns say they were taken by surprise and have either not seen or misread the small public notice that went in the papers in April.

A SECOND mosque will be built in Cairns after the council gave the nod for a new worship centre in Bungalow.

Now look how it was advertised:

From: Warehouse and House

To: Place of Assembly and Caretakers Residence

At: 124 and 125 Newell Street

By: Islamic Da’awah in Australia Incorporated


Cairns regional councillors yesterday voted unanimously to allow a 180sq m shed in the city’s industrial precinct to be turned into a mosque.

The proposed Indonesian Community Centre and accompanying caretaker’s residence will use an existing house and industrial shed on the Newell St property.

The centre is backed by the Association of Islamic Da’wah in Australia, which also has mosques in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Dhimmies from the Cairns fish wrap  can’t get their brown lipstick on fast enough:

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'Bismillah' and Thomas Jeffersons' 'iftar dinner' that never happened…


Stuck on stupid.

Leftards from the Soros funded ‘Think Progress’ are just about always wrong on everything

The bismillah of the traitors:  “bismillah al rahman al rahim”


Clare Lopez, a former CIA operations officer and senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy,claimed in a controversial post that Robert Bergdahl “sanctified the WH and claimed it for Islam” by saying the phrase at the press conference.

Think Progress’ Ben Armbruster in a June 3 post, mocked those who are reading into the popular Islamic wording.

“We should note that, if Lopez’s analysis were right, the White House was likely already ‘claimed’ for Islam long ago — in December 1805, at an Iftar dinner hosted by President Thomas Jefferson,” he writes.

Unfortunately for the clueless Armbruster, there was no ‘iftar dinner’ hosted by Thomas Jefferson.


Hussein Obama, The New York Times, that Iftar Dinner, and the rewriting of history  by Hugh Fitzgerald

“The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan — making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.” — Barack Obama, speaking on August 14, 2010, at the “Annual Iftar Dinner” at the White House

Really? Is that what happened? Was there a “first known iftar at the White House” given by none other than President Thomas Jefferson for the “first Muslim ambassador to the United States”?

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Qatar's Soccer Jihad



The same way that the rich Arabs have been bribing journalists, businessmen, and diplomats to support the Arab war against Israel, beginning with the large sums expended to get African countries to sever dipomatic ties with Israel after the Six-Day War. It’s been a great success.

But when it comes to where the competition for the World Cup is to be held, there at least there may be some indignation. After all, it’s not something insignificant — the rights of the Jews, the survival of israel — that’s at stake, but where a soccer stadium is to be built, and players’ health to consider, and the appeal of such a locale as Qatar in the summer to foreign tourists. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)

When we visit Arab countries, we must obey Islamic laws. When Arabs visit our countries, we are expected to obey Islamic laws.clear

‘Leggings are NOT pants’: Qatar puts its foot down with dress code as it launches advertising campaign reminding female tourists what not to wear

  • ‘If you are in Qatar, you are one of us’: Qatar aims to educate tourists on modesty
  • Men wearing shorts and singlets in public will be frowned upon
  • Women should also avoid wearing garments which are too short or too tight, such as mini-skirts or sleeveless dresses


Read more:Daily Mail

There are a range of other recommendations included in the campaign that visitors need to be wary of if planning to travel to Qatar.

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UKIP Spooks the Establishment

Rise of UKIP Spooks Britain’s  Phoney Conservatives

The anti-EU vote in the European Parliament elections is not just a passing phase, and it is not just an eruption of  “fascist,” “nativist”  or “right-wing” emotions.

“Things are changing. People are sick and tired of having three social democrat parties that are frankly indistinguishable from each other,”– Nigel Farage said.

UKIP isn’t a protest. It’s a counter-revolution

Posted by Melanie Phillips

The OIC’s BS propaganda machinery spins like Iranian centrifuges:

“The OIC has issued statements that we are very clear, that these people are outlaws, what they do is criminal act, it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, Islamic teachings, the religion of Islam, the history, the culture, the civilisation of Islam, therefore we should identify them for what they are: a terrorist group.

In other news:

‘Tragic’ Tony BLiar Is A Narcissist With A Messiah Complex, Says Former Confidant

unnamedMayday, Mayday:

Theresa May And Michael Gove “Extremism Row” Overshadows Queen’s Speech

Theresa May deserves a price for ignorance and incompetence. Typical for her ilk, she lies, deflects and blames others. The PuffHo, as always, shills for the Muslim invaders:

 The truth is that Michael Gove’s reforms have made it easier, not harder, for schools to be run inappropriately, while Theresa May has cut back Prevent programme funding that previously worked to tackle a wide range of extremism.

This is patently absurd. “Harder” to implement the Islamic curriculum? Perverse. 


Obama: we don't negotiate with kafirs….


‘Getting worse by the hour’: FNC reports Bergdahl renounced US citizenship

He should have been droned.

White House Refuses to Classify the Taliban as a Terrorist Group, Defends Prisoner Swap…


These are the six men who died looking for Bergdahl after he went AWOL. These are the heroes. Remember their names. Via Pocket Full of Liberty

Five Jihadis for One Deserter  (Robert Spencer)

It appears the Taliban got the best of that deal – by better than 5 to (TROP)

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Bismillah al rahman al rahim: Hussein Obama tries to turn traitor into some kind of hero

Would you ever have imagined collective madness like this after 9/11?

After Bergdahl disappeared, “IEDs started going off directly under the trucks. They were getting perfect hits every time.”

In other news:

Obama compared his actions to Washington and Lincoln.

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama on Tuesday strongly defended his decision to release five Gitmo detainees to the Taliban in exchange for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdah.


Abdullah Bergdahl should be tried for treason. Obama should be investigated in order to determine how much of this he knew before he traded the Taliban jihadis for Bergdahl, and if necessary, tried as well. But that won’t happen. A teary-eyed Boehner will explain that the five jihadis just had to be traded for Bergdahl, and while he would have preferred to send back just four, he will settle.

“Bergdahl’s team leader: Intercepted radio chatter said he sought talks with the Taliban,” CNN, June 3, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

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Obama Smiles

(thanks to Moonbattery)

Given Obama’s Muslim upbringing in Indonesia, where he attended an Islamic school, he is likely to recognize this phrase that was heard in the Rose Garden when he paraded the parents of deserter Bowe Bergdahl for the cameras after trading five top terrorists to get him back from the Taliban:

At the end of the brief event, the soldier’s father, Bob Bergdahl, recited the most frequent phrase in the Koran — “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” —which means“In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.”

Look how it brought a smile to Obama’s lips in the Rose Garden:

The openly pro-terrorist Robert Bergdahl spoke the phrase more than once. According to former CIA operations officer Clare Lopez,

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UK: Mustards Defend Trojan Horse Schools "Outstanding Results"

Sure thing. Of course it is an outstanding result to breed genocidal Islamic zombies at the expense of British taxpayers, right under their noses. Imagine all that good work they did in the name of allah!

Six schools in Islam Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham face closure after inquiry finds they did too little too protect children from extremism Islam

  • Three month inquiry by school watchdog found female staff were intimidated
  • Radical governors were ‘demanding prayer breaks and religious assemblies’
  • Comes after similar claims that local officials knew of problem years ago
  • Around 20 schools are currently being investigated by Ofsted and police


Six schools at the centre of an alleged Islamist takeover plot are facing radical reform and even  closure after being officially judged as failing, it emerged last night.

A three-month inquiry has found the Birmingham schools did too little to protect children from extremism and female staff were intimidated.

One of the six, Golden Hillock, has been rated ‘inadequate’ in every criteria. A leaked copy of its Ofsted report says ‘staff views are polarised’ about leadership and that sex and relationships education has not been delivered properly.

Protest: Parents at Birmingham's Al-Hijrah School after its entire governing body was sacked

 Protest: Parents at Birmingham’s Al-Hijrah School after its entire governing body was sacked

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Two Muslim Holy Men With Hand Grenades Meet Virgins

Nobody  seems to be surprised. What if the headline was “Catholic priests arrested with hand grenades”, or ‘Buddhists with machine guns attack cops’ or similar? Why is everyone so complacent when Muselmaniacs blow shiite up?

Two Muslim Holy Men With Hand Grenades Meet Virgins

Two Muslim clerics were shot dead by police in Mandera after they defied a directive to stop.

A third man who was in the vehicle escaped.

Police recovered 11 grenades from the Probox vehicle, which was crossing over to Somalia in the Sunday night incident.

“They were crossing over the border to pick a terrorist when police got information from the locals,” area County Commissioner Michael Tialal told Daily Nation.

He said police laid an ambush and after ordering the driver to stop, the two passengers in the vehicle hurled three hand grenades at them before the vehicle sped-off prompting the officers to pursue them.

However the grenades did not explode and eventually the officers caught up with the sheiks at Shafe-Shafe location outside Mandera town where they shot them.

Turkey puts Nusra Front on ‘terror list’

Beats me: aren’t they all sunni Muslims? Don’t they all read the same Koran?