Trojan Horse: "as long as they’re not hurting anyone, what is the problem with all this?"

The Blame Game

David Cameron’s inaction has fuelled the row between Michael Gove and Theresa May over extremism in schools

Not David Cameron’s inaction: Theresa May’s failure to act. And please spare us the BS about “extremism”, this is about Islam in British schools. And Islam is Islam, that’s it.

theresa-mayDuly noted:  the tard is properly hijabbed when chatting with the new rulers of once great Britain.

Theresa May Complains that No One Did Her Job 

 UK Home Secretary Theresa May on Muslim Trojan Horse school plot: “Is it true that the Department for Education was warned in 2010? If so, why did nobody act?”

Home Secretary Theresa May is shocked, shocked to discover that the Department for Education was warned in 2010 of the Islamic takeover plot of British school districts, and yet no one acted. May is clearly channeling Captain Renault in the film classic Casablanca, when he declares, I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” (after collecting his winnings, of course).

Theresa May caved to these same Islamic supremacists when they demanded that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller be banned from speaking in the UK. A reckless and craven act of dhimmitude, which we are challenging with what appears to be good result.

The Grunard ratbags make it sound as if its all not true.

islam.peaceThe trojan horse plot has been implemented for years without interruption because of the (incompetence) and cowardice of British authorities like May. (Pamela Geller)

But the ‘Trojan Horse” plot didn’t start 2010. It started decades ago:

Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot ‘started 20 years ago’

Depressing, I know. But there is light on the horizon:

Victory: In Rare Decision, UK Court of Appeal Grants Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Permission to Appeal British Ban

In a very rare decision, the UK the Court of Appeal has granted Spencer/Geller permission to appeal - The Court of Appeal did not buy the scurrilous smokescreen of the Secretary of State, Theresa May. It is an unexpected early victory in what will be a long legal battle. […]

So what causes the “violent extremism?”

“…many of them were initially influenced by what some have called ‘non-violent extremists’, and they then took those radical beliefs to the next level by embracing violence.”

The row between Michael Gove and Theresa May over how best to tackle Islamist extremism in schools is typical of how tense things get between these two whenever the subject of Islamist extremism arises. Gove wants to wage intellectual war on Islamist extremism, taking on the argument wherever it raises its head. May, heavily influenced by the civil servant Charles Farr, who is very much part of her circle, thinks that a distinction has to be drawn between extremism and violent extremism.

But this problem would never have arisen if Number 10 had made the Prime Minister’s writ run on this subject. Cameron in his 2011 Munich speech made clear that he wanted even non-violent extremism tackled:

‘Now, you might say, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, what is the problem with all this? Well, I’ll tell you why. As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by what some have called ‘non-violent extremists’, and they then took those radical beliefs to the next level by embracing violence. And I say this is an indictment of our approach to these issues in the past. And if we are to defeat this threat, I believe it is time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past. So first, instead of ignoring this extremist ideology, we – as governments and as societies – have got to confront it, in all its forms.’

But Downing Street has simply not followed through on this speech in a prolonged and committed way. First, Nick Clegg was allowed to give a speech distancing himself from it and suggesting Cameron was speaking only for the Tories which gave recalcitrant civil servants the excuse they needed not to implement this agenda. Second, Cameron has failed to make the Home Office adopt this approach. If he had, this row would not be happening today. ​– (Spectator)

Australian Arab-Muslim Groups in Meltdown Over Govt's Rejection of "Occupied East Jerusalem"

Australia refuses to call East Jerusalem ‘occupied’

The Abbott government has been accused of dramatically shifting Australia’s position on Israel and the Palestinian territories by condemning descriptions of East Jerusalem as ”occupied”.

Andrew Bolt:

Occupied no longer

Quite proper, and it exposes Labor:

AUSTRALIA has made a historic shift in its policy on Israel’s control over the Palestinian territories, dumping its 47-year-old position that Arab land captured in 1967 is “occupied”.

Attorney-General George Brandis yesterday read a statement to the Senate foreign affairs committee indicating the language of occupation was “judgmental”, “freighted with pejorative implications” and “neither appropriate nor useful” for the peace process.

The reversal of the bipartisan position was castigated by Labor as a “foreign policy embarrassment”, as the Palestinians’ top diplomat in Australia warned the move undermined Australia’s credibility as an advocate for a two-state solution.

Leftist shiites: if we can’t stack the panels we will lose all relevance!

Australian Unions and the snouts in the trough

Self-professed union whistleblower Kathy Jackson used $1 million in members’ funds to pay off two personal credit cards she claims to have used on work expenses between 2000 and 2011.

More on “occupied” J’lem:

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Labor Senator Sam Dastyari both demanded to know whether Senator Brandis regarded East Jerusalem as occupied. He refused to say.

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Islamic holy man in Londonistan praises totally unislamic abduction of 200 schoolgirls by Boko Haram

A United Kingdom-based Islamic preacher, Mizanur Rahman, is being investigated by police after a video showed him praising Boko Haram for kidnapping over 200 schoolgirls.

The preacher was quoted to have described the terrorist group as being “full of good messages,” including its support for Al-Qaeda.

Rahman, said to be a follower of a firebrand preacher, Anjem Choudary, was convicted in 2007 for a murder-related case and bagged a six-year jail sentence. He was released from prison in 2010.

More offerings from Islamic holy men:

Boko Haram attack church dressed as Nigeria soldiers as dozens are killed in fresh raids

Militants allied to al-Qaeda continue strikes as Nigeria’s military denies reports 15 senior officers court martialled for helping Islamist army– The country’s military, whose fighters are underpaid and often outgunned, has repeatedly faced allegations that both rank-and-file soldiers and officers were working with the enemy.

More from the Religion of Peace:

Aussies like nihilistic China more than Islamic Indonesia– "our" ABC is puzzled

by Christina McIntosh
clearIt is worthy of note that the ABC sees fit to centre its “story” on this oh-so-strange Aussie suspicion of overwhelmingly-Muslim Indonesia, rather than wondering, say, why Israel (probably thanks in part to the routinely lukewarm or openly hostile coverage that said ABC and most other media outlets deliver, not to mention the continuous Muslim-funded anti-Israel propaganda barrage from all other quarters) comes in so dishearteningly far down the list of nations that Aussies feel warmly toward; or why our commonwealth sister and regular cricket sparring partner, India, is somewhat less well regarded than China.  

From the ABC’s “Asia” editor, Catherine McGrath.

“Australians Remain Wary of Indonesia, Lowy Institute Foreign Policy Poll Reveals”.

“Poor old Indonesia – it seems no matter what happens, Australians are not warming to our northern neighbour.

muslim inLook at the trash they were writing on Ikhwan web only  six years ago:

Islam in Indonesia — Where “soft Islam” is on the march
Indonesia has some worrying radicals but it seems to be following Turkey, with Islamists moderating as they get closer to power (Now tell me: did Turkey get any more  ‘moderate’ in the last six years? Did Indonesia follow Turkey? And is that a good thing?)

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Tabari 9:69 "Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us"

Unfit To Live

by John Constantine

Islam shares many similarities with Nazism. Both movements had a burning, irrational, unquenchable hatred of the Jews. Both movements have a theory of the Master Race. In the case of Islam Muslims are considered the very best of people. While non-Muslims are the equivalent of the Untermenschen or sub humans. Non-Muslims are considered to be filth. In polite circles, the word filth means excrement. All of us who are non-Muslims can be killed with impunity by Muslims. It is not even considered a crime under Sharia Law.

To rid the world of unbelievers or infidels, Islam has developed a theology of killing known as Jihad. Every able-bodied Muslim male is required by Sharia to participate in Jihad. Indeed, it is only by dying in Jihad that the Muslim can be assured of going to Paradise and claiming his Allah provided 72 virgins.

All property of the infidels belongs to the Muslims. It is just waiting for some Muslim to take it. All infidel women and girls can be forced to be sex slaves. Muslims also have a predilection for young boys. No wonder so many inmates of our penal system eagerly flock to the standard of Islam. Islam is a criminal religion, with a criminal god, and above all a criminal prophet named Mohammed. Just as the Nazis felt they had a right to the property of the Jews, so the Islamists have a right to the property of the infidels. Remember Mohammed is considered the perfect man. His every act has been blessed by Allah and should be emulated by all Muslims. This is why Muslims are encouraged to kill, rape, steal, sodomize, lie and torture.

Yes, the Nazis had nothing on the followers of Mohammed. These monsters are preparing another Holocaust for all of us infidels. The Muslims were fascists long before Hitler came on the scene. Mohammed spawned 1400 years of Sharia spouting fanatics whose legacy is one of horror and brutal death. Muslims are religious fascists on steroids.

By the dictates of Sharia all of us filthy infidels are unfit to live !

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Its worse than mad cow disease

Liam Clarke is the political editor for  the Belfast Telegraph. He must have been living under a rock for the last 20 years. On the face of it, he is a hardwired moonbat with next to no understanding of Christianity or Islam.

Sample here:

The problem is that there is enough in scripture, whether the Bible or the Koran, to justify almost anything,

That alone is enough to qualify him for the a$$hole of the month award.


Mosque at the Maze would be fitting gesture

How about a multi-faith site at the Maze? When Peter Robinson met the Islamic community on Wednesday, he encountered so many doctors and nurses that he wondered how our health service would function without them.

“Multi-faith” means Islam. And those who rely on Islamic doctors and nurses  need to have their heads examined.

Related news:

In fact, Edwin Poots, the Health Minister, wants a relaxation of Government regulations to enable him to recruit even more medical staff from the Indian sub-continent, both India and Pakistan.

They fill vital skill shortages which our own education system should be meeting locally, but isn’t. Indeed, Queen’s University is also offering scholarships to top-quality students from Pakistan.

That says something about our schools and system of careers advice which should be addressed.

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Bergdahl converted to Islam, declared himself a “mujahid”

We know that already. Its not a secret. But the Obama regime would have you believe it is a secret.


This is getting worse by the minute. Will Obama ever backtrack and apologize at any point, or will he keep on digging in and insisting that obtaining back this traitorous deserter was the right thing to do? Will the mainstream media continue to cover for him, or will it finally hold him accountable? Is the […] Continue Reading »

Robert Spencer on the never ending revelations about the US deserter and traitor Abdullah Bergdahl

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Taliban commanders say they found Bergdahl cursing his countrymen

No surprises here.

Afghans say Taliban prisoners freed by Obama will rejoin jihad against U.S.

That’s the nature of the beast.

Obama passed up chances to rescue Bergdahl because he wanted prisoner trade to empty Gitmo

Still no impeachment?

Afghanistan: Islamic jihadists kidnap Indian Jesuit priest

What was this Jesuit priest doing there anyway?

Obama: “I make no apologies” for Bergdahl prisoner exchange

He never apologised for anything. Its not in the DNA of Barry Soetoro to apologise.

86% of U.S. troops wounded in Afghanistan wounded during Obama Administration

He should hang for that.

Taliban commander: Bergdahl exchange first time the “enemy” has “officially recognized our status”

Its like Mooch in the white house: for the first time ever she likes her country.

General Martin Dempsey: Army to investigate desertion claims against Bergdahl

I don’t trust Dempsey. Do you?

“If this guy [Bergdahl] had not gone off post, our son would not have been killed.”

Again, Obama should pay the ultimate price for his treason.

Will Obama give the Taliban Shalid Sheik Mohammed for these two?

“Innocent Tourists”

The pair crossed into Afghanistan during a holiday.

“It would be no more appropriate to have our government turn their backs on their citizens than to turn their backs on those who serve,” Patrick Boyle, a Canadian judge and the father of Joshua Boyle, said in a telephone interview.

The families said their children were prisoners just as Bergdahl was and should be recognised as “innocent tourists”Caitlan Coleman, Joshua Boyle

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