Abdullah Rubs It

“I can understand the Islamic history of the mujahedin and the romantic history of it.”–Abdul Abdullah

 I understand Abdullah and I don’t want him around.  I don’t want Islam and I will never submit. Abdullah can take his mujahedin and his “romantic history” and shove it.

If you wonder why rational observers consider Al Jazeera (and the Qatari regime behind it) as the PR arm for Islamic supremacists, read and analyse the following article.

Pay attention to how Islamic terror groups and their fan base are being described. The Arab/Islamic tactic of tamaskan tatamakan = “Show a victim’s face, and you will take over” is played to perfection.

Australian artist Abdul Abdullah’s work riffs on themes like belonging, alienation and racism. But not Islamic racism, only white  infidels can be racist.

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  1. Once again
    Case Number: Z01031672
    Date: 29/07/2014
    Time: 09:30
    Prosecuting Agency: VICTORIA POLICE
    Informant: LS.CON WILKINSON, P
    Accused: BULTAN, HALUK
    Hearing Type: Application for Compulsary Procedure
    Location: Melbourne Magistrates’ Court – Criminal
    Court Room No.: 0

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