Aussies like nihilistic China more than Islamic Indonesia– "our" ABC is puzzled

by Christina McIntosh
clearIt is worthy of note that the ABC sees fit to centre its “story” on this oh-so-strange Aussie suspicion of overwhelmingly-Muslim Indonesia, rather than wondering, say, why Israel (probably thanks in part to the routinely lukewarm or openly hostile coverage that said ABC and most other media outlets deliver, not to mention the continuous Muslim-funded anti-Israel propaganda barrage from all other quarters) comes in so dishearteningly far down the list of nations that Aussies feel warmly toward; or why our commonwealth sister and regular cricket sparring partner, India, is somewhat less well regarded than China.  

From the ABC’s “Asia” editor, Catherine McGrath.

“Australians Remain Wary of Indonesia, Lowy Institute Foreign Policy Poll Reveals”.

“Poor old Indonesia – it seems no matter what happens, Australians are not warming to our northern neighbour.

muslim inLook at the trash they were writing on Ikhwan web only  six years ago:

Islam in Indonesia — Where “soft Islam” is on the march
Indonesia has some worrying radicals but it seems to be following Turkey, with Islamists moderating as they get closer to power (Now tell me: did Turkey get any more  ‘moderate’ in the last six years? Did Indonesia follow Turkey? And is that a good thing?)

Shall I mention the Bali Bombing?  Or the mass murders and ethnic cleansings of Christians in the Moluccas not so very long ago, and Sharia creep in Aceh (canings, and morality police, and whatnot); and attacks on Christians and other non-Muslims, that have been going on over the past ten years?  And then there are those stories about what is being done to Christian and animist indigenes in West Papua, the plundering and Islamising – by various means, but most notably by hegira, demographic swamping, immigration-invasion – of that historically-non-Muslim region, stories that seep out persistently like blood from under a locked door in Bluebeard’s Castle.   Maybe Ms McGrath doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, about such trifling peccadilloes; but maybe there are other Australians who do, and who calibrate their perceptions accordingly.  Oh, poor, poor Indonesia, we nasty Australians don’t like them as much as we should! Cue the world’s smallest violin. – CM

“Within a decade Indonesia is set to join the ranks of the largest 10 economies in the world (note the Appeal to Greed – but what happens if they keep on Going Sharia, and if they Go Jihad? – is anybody thinking about that? how soon will this projected prosperity disintegrate into the desolation and delusion that are the universal fruits of Islam when taken fully to heart? – CM), but many Australians are not seeing it as an important country they should care about.

Oh, I see it as important.  And I don’t “care” about it, I worry about it.  No Islamoinformed person in Australia should fail to worry about what we are always being told is “the world’s most  populous Muslim country”, just a hop step and jump across the seaways from Australia’s northwestern back doorstep.  But don’t ask me to like them; and if I had any money to invest or products to trade – which I personally don’t – they (and Muslim Malaysia, Muslim Bangladesh and Muslim Pakistan) are the very last people I would do business with.  Islam is bad for business, and right now, what I see happening in Indonesia is a steady push toward More Islam.  I’d rather try my luck with Hindu-majority India, thank you. – CM

‘The latest Lowy Institute Foreign Policy Poll reveals Australians have warmer feelings toward Spain, Fiji and Papua New Guinea (all of them non-Muslim majority-Christian states – CM) than they have for (majority-Muslim, and Muslim-dominated – CM) Indonesia.

Aussies, on balance, seemingly prefer non-Muslim lands, to Muslim lands.  How odd. – CM

‘Almost half (48 percent) of those surveyed believe China is likely to become a military threat over the next 20 years.  However, Australians’ feelings of “warmth” towards China have risen by six points, and most believe China is Australia’s best friend in Asia.

That, I do not get. But better a non-Muslim state than a Muslim. – CM

‘Not so for Indonesia. In the warmth rankings – from 0 to 100 degrees (Lowy Institute, it seems, uses Fahrenheit rather than Celsius – CM) Indonesia came in at 52 degrees, down 1 degree from last year.

If they’d asked me, I’d have put it a lot lower than that. But maybe their respondents’ views were skewed by memories of happy holidays in unrepresentative 92 percent Hindu Bali, Before Bombing. - CM

‘Above Indonesia is India at 57 degrees (nice to see that some Aussies rate India a full five points above Indonesia- CM), East Timor at 58, Papua New Guinea 59, and China at 60.

Not so big a step between 57 and 60, India and China.  One can almost feel Aussies thinking, weighing the possibilities: India (non-Muslim and free); China (non-Muslim and unfree);  Indonesia (overwhelmingly Muslim, looking set to become ever more Muslim, and nowhere near as free as it’s sometimes represented).  All heavyweights economically and population-wise.  And luckily the two biggest are not Muslim…now to consider our relationships. – CM

‘The warmest feelings are for New Zealand, at 84 degrees, followed by Canada (at 81 – CM), the Netherlands (at 72 – CM) and the United States (in a tiewith France, at 71 – CM).

No surprise re the warm feelings toward NZ and Canada, our commonwealth sisters.  What’s odd – I checked at the Lowy Institute website, where one can read the results of the 2014 survey in full – is that the Lowy folks asked Aussies how they felt about 21 countries, but did not include the UK in that set of 21. But now for the result that I found most disheartening: the result re Israel. – CM

“Below Indonesia on the scale are Israel (rated at 51 – CM), Burma (rated at 50 – CM), Iran (rated at 39 – CM), Afghanistan (rated at 38 – CM) and North Korea (rated at 29 – CM)”.

One of these things is not like the others; one of these things doesn’t belong….It’s no surprise that Aussies don’t like hideous Afghanistan, hideous Iran and hideous North Korea.  I wonder how the Abominable House of Saud would have rated, or Islamic Pakistan, had the Lowy Institute included them in this list of “countries about which we want to know your feelings?”  But why the low ranking for Israel?  Jam for the ABC, of course: they can casually rattle off a list of names – “Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea” – and uninformed readers, instead of pulling up with a jerk as I did and wondering “why on earth is an Aussie opinion poll registering a degree of Aussie coolness toward Israel that is otherwise reserved for a bunch of notorious abusers of human rights?” – will go away with the impression that Israel – fighting for its life, and with remarkable restraint, against a nonstop genocidal Jihad – is the same sort of thing as Iran, Afghanistan, Burma and North Korea.   But I guess our islamophile ABC can console itself that Israel ranks even lower than menacing Muslim-dominated Indonesia, to our baffling dislike of which they now return. – CM

‘While bilateral ties were frozen by Indonesia as a result of spying allegations that arose from documents released by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, Australia has continued (dhimmi-like, and in a manner that it seems does not reflect the “feeling at the ground” -  CM) to put great emphasis on the relationship.

‘On the eve of his meeting with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament it is essential that the relationship continues to improve.

How can a relationship between a non-Muslim and a Muslim-dominated entity “improve”?  If the non-Muslim entity refuses to convert, and does not formally accept tributary or dhimmi status, they can in the long run expect nothing but ill. Mr Tony Abbott needs to go have a long talk with Rev Dr Mark Durie, soon.  Or, at the very least, read his book “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom”, because then he would see that, objectively speaking, the history of Indonesia’s dealings with Australia looks very like a process of “grooming-for-dhimmitude”. – CM

“It is a very important relationship – in some respects, our most important relationship”. Mr Abbott said.

Important, only in the sense that Indonesia, 85 percent Muslim, suffused with Islam, with a very strong undertow flowing toward More Islam, More Sharia, and Jihad, is far too near at hand, for comfort.  – CM

“I am particularly keen to do everything I can to improve the relationship”.

Frankly, you should be trying to figure out how best to disentangle us from them and keep them at arm’s length, and more than arm’s length. – CM

‘Indonesian relationship important strategically: ADF chief.

Has this ADF chief read the Quran?  Or the Sira, or the Hadith, or Al Tabari, or Malik’s “The Quranic Concept of War”?  Every officer in the Australian Defence Force should read those texts.  And Patrick Sookhdeo’s “Global Jihad” and “Faith, Power and Territory”; and Sam Solomon’s “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”. – CM

‘At Defence estimates hearings, Chief of the Australian Defence Force General David Hurley said that despite a break in joint exercises and military cooperation with Indoensia since last November, the Australian-Indonesian relationship is the regional bond that Australia most focuses on.

Why, why, why are we so eager to teach the army of the world’s most populous Muslim nation – which lives right next door to us – how to become more efficient fighters? Why are we so eager to show them the ins and outs of our own methods of fighting, on our own terrain? – CM

“Australia invests morei n the Indonesian relationship and it is very important to us strategically”, he said.

In what way? As a counter-balance to the rising power of China? But if that’s the reason, why not set out to forge stronger bonds with India? Japan? South Korea? Philippines? Thailand? – CM

‘Usually Australia is involved in maritime and air exercises with its Indonesian military counterparts (great! so they know exactly how we fight and what our capabilities are...- CM) and the special forces train in hostage rescue and counter-terrorism with Kopassus.

Kopassus who are implicated in human rights abuses against Christian and animist villagers in West Papua. – CM

‘However, the survey suggests that Australians do not share the same enthusiasm for the relationship with Indonesia that the Government shows.

Thank goodness for that. – CM

‘A majority of those surveyed said relations were “friendly” but 40 percent said they were worsening.

‘Australians believe that the priority issues for the relationship are regional security, terrorism (sic: in other words – JIHAD – CM) and asylum seekers (the majority of whom, at present, appear to be Mohammedans from many different parts of the dar al Islam, engaged in hijra, the immigration-invasion – CM).

‘Trade and investment are considered of less importance.

Looks like Aussies place life and limb above mere money.  The very real prospect of beng blown up whilst on holiday in Bali, or elsewhere, concentrates the mind wonderfully. – CM

‘As Indonesia is an emerging nation with an economy predicted to dwarf Australia’s in coming years (but what happens if they Go Sharia? – CM) these attitudes could see Australia miss the opportunity to become more engaged with Indonesian businesses.

Any non-Muslims planning on getting involved in business with Muslims in a Muslim-dominated country have got rocks in their heads.  Because Muslims are under no obligation whatsoever to tell the truth to non-Muslims, nor to keep agreements. – CM

‘Already Australian business leaders in Jakarta say the Australian presence there is weaker than it should be, and competition from European countries is strong.

Why not swim against the tide? Why not prioritise investment in India, instead? Or…Israel?  – CM

‘When Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Jakarta after winning office in 2013, he said his priority was to boost business links, noting that great improvement was needed.

‘This survey suggests Australians still have not woken up to the opportunity and the reality that interesting developments are taking place in Indonesia(I can think of a few…multiplying jihad plots, and more and more demands for sharia – not only in traditionally-zealous-for-Islam Aceh – and attacks on Christians and other non-Muslims?   Looks as though Ms Catherine McGrath hasn’t bothered to read C S Hurgronje, nor the chapters on Indonesia in V S Naipaul’s “Among the Believers” and “Beyond Belief”.  Let alone reading the Quran…pooh! who needs to do that, when one is the ABC’s “Asia” editor.  Or if she has, she’s done so with blinkers on, or a pair of strongly-rose-coloured glasses. – CM) and Australia may want to be part of that.

The Appeal to Greed, again.  “Shilling for Islam, destroying the West/ radix malorum cupiditas est”, as Hugh Fitzgerald has put it.  I think I’d prefer to keep Muslim Indonesia – no matter how rich it may temporarily be or become – at arm’s length, and concentrate instead on our non-Muslim Asian neighbours, prioritising the free or semi-free among them over the unfree, thank you, Ms McGrath. – CM

‘We had better hurry up or we will miss the change.”

Change from what, to what?  What I see happening in Indonesia is a drift toward More Islam.  And I do not want to get sucked into that.

The Lowy Institute 2014 Poll Results are available at their website, for any who may wish to get the full picture..and ask themselves why, with so much else of interest to remark upon, the ABC chose to focus on the Australian public’s wariness toward Indonesia.

I personally was struck by the fact that when asked to rate a range of  “threats to Australia’s vital interests”, Aussies identified the top four as follows – 1/ international terrorism (i.e. the Global Jihad) 2/ the possibility of unfriendly countries becoming nuclear powers 3/ Iran’s nuclear program and 4/ cyber attacks from other countries.  And I observed – Americans reading this may take heart – that Aussie support for ANZUS – the alliance between Australia, New Zealand and the United States – remains strong.  There are dismaying areas of folly or blindness – such as the unexpected (by me) coolness toward Israel, that may possibly be the fruit of 50 plus years of oil-funded negative propaganda; I would encourage Israelis, and friends of Israel within Australia, to take serious thought as to how this worrying trend might be countered – but there is also a core of solid commonsense, as evidenced by a refusal to admire the Chinese or Indonesian leadership. – CM


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