Australian Arab-Muslim Groups in Meltdown Over Govt's Rejection of "Occupied East Jerusalem"

Australia refuses to call East Jerusalem ‘occupied’

The Abbott government has been accused of dramatically shifting Australia’s position on Israel and the Palestinian territories by condemning descriptions of East Jerusalem as ”occupied”.

Andrew Bolt:

Occupied no longer

Quite proper, and it exposes Labor:

AUSTRALIA has made a historic shift in its policy on Israel’s control over the Palestinian territories, dumping its 47-year-old position that Arab land captured in 1967 is “occupied”.

Attorney-General George Brandis yesterday read a statement to the Senate foreign affairs committee indicating the language of occupation was “judgmental”, “freighted with pejorative implications” and “neither appropriate nor useful” for the peace process.

The reversal of the bipartisan position was castigated by Labor as a “foreign policy embarrassment”, as the Palestinians’ top diplomat in Australia warned the move undermined Australia’s credibility as an advocate for a two-state solution.

Leftist shiites: if we can’t stack the panels we will lose all relevance!

Australian Unions and the snouts in the trough

Self-professed union whistleblower Kathy Jackson used $1 million in members’ funds to pay off two personal credit cards she claims to have used on work expenses between 2000 and 2011.

More on “occupied” J’lem:

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Labor Senator Sam Dastyari both demanded to know whether Senator Brandis regarded East Jerusalem as occupied. He refused to say.

Senator Xenophon later told Fairfax Media that former Australian governments both Labor and Coalition have previously called East Jerusalem ”occupied”.

He pointed to statements from Coalition ministers going back to the late 1970s and 1980s in which they call East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories ”occupied”.

”It’s an extraordinary and reckless departure from the bipartisan approach of the last 47 years,” Senator Xenophon said.

”It is contrary to the government’s position it is completely unhelpful to walk away from the term ‘occupied’. If you don’t acknowledge historical facts, what are the hopes for lasting peace in the Middle East?

”Even Israel’s strongest ally, the United States, does not hold this position.”

Sometimes you gotta lead, not follow. Nick Xenophon should not follow the agenda driven Iranian agent Sam Dastyari.

In the case of Israel, you stand with the civilised man, not with the savages. Seems that Nick Xenophon didn’t learn any lessons from dealing with Muslims.