BLiar Tells Merkel He Wants A Seat On The EU Gravy Train

Tony BLiar, the new Rompuy?

Tony Blair may now be is looking for a top unelected position among the lushly-paid euro-elite.

He is expected to echo the Brussels establishment’s insistence that politicians hit back at politicians such as UKIP’s Nigel Farage and resist the rise of “populism” – the word the euro-elite use to denigrate the democratic surge of support for anti-EU, pro-national sovereignty parties in the elections to the European Parliament last month.

blamer“Ending Poverty, Now”– what a bunch of demented swine.  Redistributing commie bastards of the NWO. Where in the world is looting the wealth producers ending poverty? Tony BLiar made some 36 million pounds ‘advising’ the Arabs, while his egregious wife, a lawyer, helped hundreds of war criminals and radical Islamic headbangers to settle in Britain. And Merkel is a former Stasi operative, cover name “Erika”. WTF is going on? Why are these criminal loons not in jail?

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2 thoughts on “BLiar Tells Merkel He Wants A Seat On The EU Gravy Train”

  1. It’s amazing that the ruling EU establishment are quite happy to play Russian Roulette using six bullets instead of one in the gun chamber over the future of their own children’s children ‘s future what they leave behind we already know total destruction of over two thousand years of
    Science art litriture architecure self thought independence law justice and a ordered society etc all we hold dear .

  2. @D Crane, The establishment naively believe that their kin will be far removed from any blow black, being part of the “elite” protected class and all.

    Of course Blair is…looking for that EU job, you didn’t think he was going to fade away into obscurity? Vainglorious man that he is. One can expect Brown to pop up for a job next too.

    “End Poverty Now!” Those NeoCommunist playing up that old scam. Steal the labor of others and claim it’s for the higher good all the whilst pocketing the money whilst throwing a few pennies to the poor and claim their generosity is a success.

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