Da'awa Gigolo's on the Streets of Sydney

From Street Dawah Australia

Global Dawah Day Sydney! What Your Goal? Dawah on the street (sic)

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam please spread our dawah clips with the intention to inspire others into doing dawah. Who knows whom will you inspire by your act and who knows whom they will guide to Islam by the leave Allah. Imagine on the day of judgement you have 1000s of people whom you guided to Islam and you find out it was actually because you spread the dawah clips. May Allah reward who help Janatul Firdouse get active.

Thanks to Geoff:

Great choice of date! 5th July, the day after 4th July and American Independence. Hopefully someone can hand out counter brochures.
AUSTRALIA: Muslim illegal alien invaders sue the government

by BareNakedIslam

Next time, let them all drown. This is what happens when you rescue Muslim illegal invaders who intentionally damage their boat, knowing that Australia will have to help them. Survivors of Christmas Island asylum seeker disaster in 2010 sue federal government. Fortunately, the new Abbott government is no longer allowing these illegal alien boat people into […]Read more of this post

3 thoughts on “Da'awa Gigolo's on the Streets of Sydney”

  1. Did the “RUSSELL ATHLETIC” Hoodie Guy [@ 2:48] – become a Revert !

    What some will do for a ‘Huggie’ !
    – imagine how many people the purple wearers have murdered.
    – why would you want to hug them ?

    And …
    1 Rabbits.
    2. Cane Toads.
    3 Muhammadans.

    The Trilogy.

  2. Wondering if the cops would turn up in full riot gear to arrest any religious group that held public prayers within 10kms of a mosque??

  3. I have seen a number of videos where young men “accepted islam” and after the acceptance process – without exception – they all have this bewildered look on their faces.

    So what is going on then !
    Isn’t islam illegal in Australia ?
    Isn’t islam a criminal group ?
    Isn’t associating with a criminal group a criminal act.
    Isn’t soliciting for a criminal group a criminal act.

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