Finally, that big fat Warsi thing: " do not "make matters worse by alienating Muslims…"

At the PuffHo, of course:

What will it take for Camoron to stick a fork in this conniving  goose?  As a good Muslim agitprop she defends her Muslim brothers, which is her Islamic duty.Nothing more can be expected of her. But she has become unbearable.  She is long past her use by date. Its time to give this wretched harpy a good hard kick  in her fat ass…


Michael Coren on the Birmingham schools Islamic trojan horse plot

Multiculti is cheap curry, the “Trojan Horse” was a hoax, Islam is “conservative” and  ‘Britishnesswhatever that means….

Beats me how a grown man can be that stupid. 

(Laurence Lee on al Jizz. But on the other hand, he feeds of the enemy, so he sings their tune.)

“Unity government” calls to kill Jewish civilians, West forced to stay quiet

The world is happy to pretend that Hamas joining the PA is not a problem at all, and in fact its a good thing:

A top UN envoy has met with four ministers of the new Palestinian unity government in the formerly Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, assuring them of United Nations support, the Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso told an Israeli security conference on Sunday that Palestinian unity deal with the Islamist Hamas movement must be supported.  If the world wants to embrace Hamas as part of the Palestinian Arab leadership, that means that it is embracing this.

72 percent of Dutch Muslims approve of Jihad in Syria (the rest is lying. Its called ‘taqiyya’)

SyriajihadistsTranslated from Dagelijksestandaard by Roni, via

New research shows again that Dutch Muslims live in a completely different world from ours. NCRV1 programs “Altijd Wat” had carried out a survey among Muslims in the Netherlands on how they regard the war in Syria, especially their point of view toward the Dutch Muslims who fight against Assad. Native Dutch were also questioned on the same issue. …

72% of Muslims find it good that Dutch Jihadists go to Syria to fight against the regime of President Assad, while only 8 % of the indigenous Dutch population approve of it.

Michael Coren

British Prime Minister David Cameron promises a “robust response” to the “culture of fear and intimidation” that British investigators found at five state schools in Birmingham, England, where Islamic extremists allegedly plotted to subvert and run them according to rigid Islamic norms.
A report released Monday by the U.K.’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) found evidence that certain governors of the affected schools had tried to “impose a narrow faith-based ideology.”
In some cases, staff and headteachers said that they had felt “intimidated,” “undermined” or bullied by the governors into making changes they opposed. Some headteachers, including those with records of improving standards were either marginalized or forced out of their jobs.
“Some teachers reported that they were treated unfairly because of their gender or religious beliefs,” said Ofsted director Sir Michael Wilshaw.
One primary school’s governors opposed mixed-gender swimming lessons despite the headteacher’s commitment to having them. Wilshaw also noted that the governors excessively micromanaged the schools’ day-to-day operations.
One school hosted a guest speaker who previously prayed for victory for Muslims in Afghanistan, in addition to “victory to all the Mujahideen all over the world. Oh Allah, prepare us for the jihad.”
The report was prompted by an alleged plot for Islamists to take control of public schools that surfaced in March. The five-step “Operation Trojan Horse” plot was detailed in a letter suspected by some of being a hoax. It focused on schools with large Muslim populations to have “hardline” parents turn against the teachers and school leadership. Those staffers would be replaced with people who would then run the schools according to a radical interpretation of Islam.
News of the letter sparked cries of “Islamophobia” and “fabrication” from Tahir Alam, director of the Park View Educational Trust that runs the schools, who had been implicated as a plotter.
A report by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) — the agency that oversees academies in the U.K. –found that the schools hastily replaced a literacy lesson at one school with a lesson about Christianity when they knew inspectors were coming.
EFA also found that Park View School, Golden Hillock School and the Nansen Primary School were teaching curriculum from a “conservative Islamic perspective” in violation of British law, which requires non-faith schools to be nonsectarian.
Consequently, Ofsted informed Cameron that it will conduct unannounced random inspections, and provide him and the U.K.’s education minister with reports on the situation in Birmingham until the situation has been fully resolved.
David Hughes, a governor with the Park View Educational Trust, dismissed the Ofsted report, saying that his schools had been “grossly misrepresented” as having been “infiltrated by extremists.”
The Trojan Horse plot was an unfounded smear, Hughes said, and that the investigations were are the result of an anti-Islamic agenda.

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