Mosqueteers, Infidel Arrogance & Islamic Threats

Bendigo city councillor Mark Weragoda:

“I don’t care if it is a church or a mosque or whatever it happens to be.  I will vote on it as a planning issue”. …See More

Does he care to have his wife raped and his daughter sold into sex slavery?Does he care about being blown up or having his head sawn off by an allahu akbaring savage? Or will Mark Weragoda just convert to Islam and  be done with it?


Who runs our mosques?

They are not “our mosques”. These are strategic headquarters of a foreign nation, the ummah, hellbent on conquest and our subjugation.

The introduction of a madrassa curriculum at a secular state school in Birmingham and talk of Christian pupils at risk of ‘cultural isolation’ seem to have come as a revelation to non-Muslim Britain. They should not have. Islam in Britain is dominated by a very specific, and rather illiberal, version of the faith — one that, if anything, seems to be becoming more conservative over time.

As the multicultural fog in the UK is slowly rising, and more members of the UK commentariat awaken from their politically corrected slumber, one of them asks a truly pertinent questions:

“Who runs our mosques?”  – Hint: It’s not the Walt Disney Company. …See More

Infidel naiveté:

Among Britain’s main Islamic groups, only the Ismaili followers of the Aga Khan believe there is no obligation to wear the veil. (But they all share the same goal, they all read the same Koran and in the end they are just a “tiny minority  of……..?)

Islamic nations furious over the Abbott government’s policy shift on Israeli settlements have warned they could boycott Australian farm exports if the stance is not reversed.

Watch the leftards squirm and twist themselves into pretzels over this….We’ll never hear the end of it.

Fury over the Abbott government’s usage of the term ‘occupied’ to describe Israeli settlements could lead to Aust farm exports being boycotted.

The government last week ruled out using the term ‘occupied’ to describe Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, deeming the term pejorative and unhelpful to the … See More

2 thoughts on “Mosqueteers, Infidel Arrogance & Islamic Threats”

  1. OK, so how about we make a deal? We reinstate the use of ‘occupied East Jerusalem – if they reciprocate by calling Turkey occupied Eastern Greece.

  2. Dear Mark Weragoda: Islam has sentenced you to “Death By Muslim” for your crime of not being a muslim.

    Of course, this sad fate can be easily avoided by mumbling some magic words called “the shahada” in Arabic, and by adopting proper attire, but there’s still an unfortunate degree of risk involved, in that you will then also have thereby personally become part of that “death by muslim” function yourself, as they fit you out for your very own shiny new suicide vest with its integral explosive belt. Be proud of your new fashion-statement accessory; you’ve certainly earned it.


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