Musa Cerantonio, Australia's Most Popular Imam

Yet another convert to Islam who takes the teachings of Koran, sira and hadith straight up, undiluted. And its not at all the case that ‘moderate Muslims’ are turning away from this radical; they are flocking to him in droves.

The Jews and the Christians who Changed the words | Musa Cerantonio | SHAHADAH MEDIA

ISIS Maniacs Trained by USA

Under Obama, the US Government has done worse than release the commander of the maniacal Islamofascist outfit ISIS — it even trained some of its terrorists: Moonbattery

Assisting terrorists even worse than Assad has been American policy under Obama. Outrages indulged in by the lunatics attempting to overthrow him have included kidnapping nuns and orphans, beheading priests, crucifying opponents, and eating human hearts.

SafariScreenSnapz117A pro-Sharia activist graciously introduces the Iraqi men and boys that he is about to machine-gun

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The truth is no defense against being slurred by the SPLC for expressing an unsanctioned point of view.

Islam’s Long History of Intolerance and Violence  (CFP)

“Today there is no greater threat to mankind than Islam. As far as Islam is concerned, you are the enemy, to be converted, enslaved, or killed.”

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Part III of two articles posted below.

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“The sooner we Muslims acknowledge this truth, the better equipped we will be to join the rest of humanity as partners in peace for our common good.”

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If Islam is about co-existence and pluralism then someone forgot to tell the guy who invented the Quran.

Islam: Is Integration Working?  (Gatestone)

Part II of an article posted below.

Here’s a MEMRI report on Cerantino from 2012

Musa Cerantonio, Australian Convert To Islam, Promotes Jihadi Islam On Widely Aired Show On Saudi Iqraa TV, And Lectures Worldwide

Musa Cerantonio, an Australian Catholic convert to Islam who currently lives in Egypt, hosts the live English-language TV show “Ask the Sheikh,” on which he answers viewers’ questions about Islam. The program, aired on the Saudi satellite network Iqraa, is shown daily in Europe, the U.S., Australia, Africa, and Asia. Cerantonio also voices his opinions and responds to readers’ questions and comments on his Facebook page, which currently has close to 6,000 followers.[1] His Facebook page indicates that, in addition to English, he speaks Italian, and that he travels extensively to give talks in many parts of the world, including Germany, Italy and, Egypt. In addition to “Ask the Sheikh,” he has presented another series titled “Our Legacy,” on Muslims in world history.

In his shows and Facebook page, Cerantonio promotes an extremist brand of Islam, praising jihad and jihad organizations, such as Al-Qaeda and the Somali Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen. He supports the cause of implementing shari’a law in various countries and ultimately establishing a global Islamic caliphate, encourages Western Muslims to join the fighting on the jihad fronts, condones intolerance towards non-Muslims, and denounces democracy and the West. He also expresses objectionable views on women, saying, for example, that women who do not follow the strictest Islamic dress code are asking to be abused.

This report gives some biographical information on Cerantonio, and reviews some of the radical statements he has made on his TV show and Facebook page.