No good deed goes unpunished: Asylum Seekers Sue Their Aussie Saviours

Australia-boat-tragedy-007A “Human Rights’ shyster is arguing that Australia was responsible for a boat people disaster off Christmas Island and the Commonwealth breached its duty of care.

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The Federal Government is being sued by asylum seekers who were involved in the boat disaster off Christmas Island in 2010.  Human Rights lawyer, George Newhouse, has launched legal action in the NSW Supreme Court on behalf of 8 families.

The Immigration Minister has described legal action, on behalf of families of those killed and injured in the 2010 incident, as “shameful and offensive”.

“This is like someone who is saved from a fire suing the fireman.

“This is like someone who has been saved by an ambulance officer at the scene of an accident being sued for saving the person’s life.

“It’s like someone who was held hostage and being saved by police and suing the police.”

Andrew Bolt suggests the survivors should Sue the boat people and their crew instead

A great way for activist lawyers to trash whatever sympathy there is for boat people trying to smuggle themselves into the country:

IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison has condemned as “shameful and offensive” the lawsuit brought by survivors and families of the dead from Christmas Island’s SIEV 221 asylum boat disaster

Shine Lawyers yesterday served a 34-page statement of claim on the Australian Government Solicitor, alleging the government is liable for unspecified damages over the deaths of 35 adults and 15 children in the December 2010 disaster, Australia’s worst civil maritime tragedy in more than a century.

The NSW Supreme Court action blames the government for its failure to have any or adequate search and rescue capabilities on the island on the morning of December 15, 2010, when SIEV 221 hit the cliffs at Rocky Point and broke up.

Navy and Customs rescuers rushed to the scene from the far side of the island, pulling asylum-seekers from the water.

What the coroner found in 2012 – including evidence that the boat people should sue themselves and their crew:

West Australian Coroner Alastair Hope … urges authorities to buy better boats and equipment for the island’s federal police and volunteer rescue team and ensure police officers stationed there have high-level rescue training…

Mr Hope said the people smugglers who organised passage for the 89 passengers on the SIEV 221 vessel must take a large part of the blame for the 50 deaths.

He said they provided a vessel that was not suitable for the journey in the monsoon season and not equipped with enough lifejackets or other safety equipment. The vessel was overloaded and the captain had transferred to another vessel before the SIEV 221 reached Christmas Island.

Mr Hope said the three Indonesian crew also contributed to the deaths and had made a fatal decision to turn the vessel into the weather before it hit Rocky Point…

Mr Hope said naval and customs officers who risked their lives in inflatable boats “showed great bravery in dangerous seas” to pull 41 people to safety from the water…

The coroner rejected claims from Christmas Island detention centre detainees that they had alerted centre staff that the SIEV 221 was about to arrive.

“The accounts were fabricated and inconsistent with the objective evidence.”

Mr Hope said he was satisfied the commanders of the navy patrol boat HMAS Pirie and the customs vessel Triton “acted as promptly and efficiently as they could in the circumstances”.

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  1. Interesting to note that the lawyer stood as an ALP candidate. Begs the question of why wasn’t this legal action launched whilst the government whose asylum seeker policy caused this wasn’t sued while they were still in government?? Are the ALP named as a co defendant in this claim or is this another attempt to derail the Liberals successful policies which have seen zero deaths at sea since they came to power??

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