President of Islamic Council of Western Australia and Fam Caught with $8 Million in Meth

President of Islamic Council of Western Australia and Fam Caught with $8 Million in Meth

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The Islamic Council of Western Australia claims that its duty is to “promote the spiritual, social and cultural welfare of West Australian Muslims.”

It’s not clear what part all the meth plays in that.

Police in Perth believe they have smashed an organised crime syndicate following the seizure of four kilograms of methylamphetamine.

Mullah has been keeping a tab on the illustrious Jneid crime family:

Belmont Candidate Profile (scroll down to the end of the page)

They said the seizure of two kilograms of drugs during a routine traffic stop in January led to a four-month operation which culminated in raids on six properties in Perth in April.

Police seized methylamphetamine with a street value of $8 million, firearms and $380,000 in cash.

Five men and a woman have been charged, including the president of the WA Islamic Council Dr Rateb Jneid, 43, who faces a firearms charge. Two of his brothers, Ziad and Rabih Jneid, have pleaded not guilty to drugs charges.

Police said some of those arrested during the raids were part of a sophisticated drug ring.

“They’re at the top of the hierarchy as heads of a syndicate, so these are significant players,” Detective Inspector Chris Adams said.

“When you are caught in possession of up to four kilos you are a significant importer of methylamphetamine.”

This isn’t the first time that the Jneid clan have been in trouble with the law.

The man police suspect of leading the Sword Boys gang, Ziad Jneid, 36, emphatically denies membership of any crime group.

But he said police had repeatedly “illegally” raided, searched and harassed him and his family over several years.

The Sword Boys is known as a Lebanese street gang.

Lebanese Muslims are behind much of organized crime in Australia through street gangs and biker gangs. The Sword Boys are heavily involved in drugs and wear miniature gold scimitars as their symbol.


Belmont Candidate Profile

[Dear constituents my name is Dr. Rateb Jneid, after working in the City of Belmont for many years, I am very proud to have been asked to nominate for the position of Councillor. My promise is that I do care and I will listen to you. I believe the city needs to provide better services to the many lonely and frail people. As a husband and a father of three, I am aware of the need to make our city an enriching and safe place for young people. As part of this, I support security measures (CCTV program/ patrols/partnership with WA Police) to making our City safe 24/7. I have a proven record of community leadership; I have a Doctorate in Business Administration and MBus/MEd, am the current President of Islamic Council of WA, current Chair of Langford Islamic College, and am a proud sponsor of local sports.]…{E2BF1818-D08E-49C8-B1A7-4B7E1B51FAA7}&district=Belmont

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  1. Well folks – this muslim is not a criminal – he was only using the drugs to destroy those nasty worthless infidels who do not believe in allah the arse lifter and pedophile – this is what his religion tells him!

    For those that didn’t get it, the above clause is meant in the spirit of sarcasm ( the arse lifter community does give us so much material to work with in this regard).

    In reality this is another piece of evidence that simply shows how dangerous and incompatible islam is with any modern society. islam is a virus, and it should be stamped out. Lets us take the Russian and Chinese solutions – make ratbag’s family pay two cents for the bullet and send ratbag on his way to the used-camel bonking lot. I have yet to see a convincing argument from the well-intentiontioed but dull social engineers who are trying to impose these islamic scum on us as to how their course of action will benefit us!!!

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